Posted in Ahl-e-Hadith, Hijab/Veil, Modernity, Morality, Women on May 29, 2010

Speaker: Hafiz Khalid Mujahid

Location: Jamia Masjid Jahania Khanewal (South Punjab)

Sect: Ahl-e-Hadith

Language: Punjabi


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Become of one colour! Become altogether wax or become like a rock!

You listen to the Quran, attend the Juma prayer but go to movies all painted and dressed up. Don’t do this. This is wearing two colours. Those women who are full of shame and modesty they will be put at head of the houris of Paradise. But those who dance at the wedding of their brother cannot be leaders of the houris. And this goes for those whose nights and days are spent at the Beauty Parlour.

Maulana Naseer said that the pure women will be more beautiful in the Hereafter than the houris. The pure will be loyal and obedient to their husbands and will not visit beauty parlour and the general store where they talk to each other sweetly while laughing. The pure ones go to the shops and speak drily. The sweet talk is not for the shopkeeper but for the husband only.

The situation is that our women start longing for the shops on the night of the full moon. Passions start stirring in their bosom and they want to get out like all the others and crowd the marketplace. O women this not the way to behave if you want to be like Fatima or Ayesha Siddiqa. The Quran says be rough and dry in your speech to strangers.

Islam is not so soft and sweet as you think. Nor is Paradise easy to gain as on its way are many thorns. And what are those thorns? They are your desires. And these desires have to be sacrificed. It is on the basis of sacrifice that Paradise is won. But many who think they are on the right path, read the Quran and know its meanings too, allow the seeing of the VCR. Cable TV runs in their houses.

Iqbal said Muslims have Christian ways and Hindu culture. Such Muslims are scoffed at by the Jews too. Allah says if the women talk drily to strangers the strangers will not talk long and become curious. No man will talk on the phone for long and say that he will ring up again. Now the parents see their daughter talking for half an hour with someone and they say nothing.

The woman who stays at home, seeks the pleasure of her husband, she will be the selected of Paradise. And the unmarried woman who feels happy only in the company of her brothers will also be the selected one. The woman who stays at home will get larger share in Paradise than the mujahideen who fight with the sword for Allah. In the story of Maryam there is mention of the perfect Veil that Maryam took. Similarly in the story of the wife of Hazrat Shoaib the veil is perfect.

In the story of Moses Allah tells us that Moses saw two girls giving dirty water to their goats after the menfolk had watered their goats. Moses asked the girls why they were giving dirty water to the goats and they replied that they were ladies of purdah with an old father but could not come out in front of men to water their goats. On this Moses gave fresh water to their goats. And when the girls told their old father what had transpired he thought the man who watered the goats must be a divine person.