Posted in Ahl-e-Hadith, Hijab/Veil, Media, Modernity, Morality, Women on May 26, 2010

Speaker: Maulana Muhammad Yousaf

Location: Jamia Masjid Ahle Hadith Zakaria Town Multan

Sect: Ahle Hadith

Language: Punjabi


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There is no evil which is not in us. Please don’t take it ill. You listen to praise often, now listen to some bitter truth. Last Juma I asked you to choose a topic for my next address to you and you said: speak about the evil of the current times.

No matter who it is (Ahle Hadith, Deobandi, Barelvi or Shia) have you ever thought about your Prophet PBUH and the lessons he has left for you? Today we are the nation of the Prophet PBUH but are eating the wealth of the orphans. We are killing each other without cause and are filling the earth with turmoil (fitna). We are trampling on the honour of the people and are indulging in wine drinking and gambling. We are violating the Quran and the Sunna and have hatred for our fellow Muslims, parents tyrannising the children and the children doing it to their parents. There is no evil which can’t be found in society.

Society has abandoned the veil (pardah) and if a husband says to his wife why have you given up the veil, she says are you a thekadar of Islam, do you have a monopoly over faith? If the daughter wants the mother to observe the faith, the mother rebukes her. Similarly the father rebukes a pious son. And children ask their namazi father, did you say namaz when you were our age?

Where should I begin? The list is too long and the time of Juma is too short. I will have to deliver three or four speeches on the subject if justice has to be done to the subject.

The Quran has remedy for all ill. It says Allah sends down small calamities to warn you of the fact that you have abandoned namaz and taken to evil ways. Look at what is happening at this time. There is no rain and businesses have been affected. People have no employment. All these are signs of what Allah will do if you take to the life of Sin. You pray for rain but rain doesn’t come. How can it when you have lost your way?

Hazrat Musa had 70,000 men out in the field and he prayed for rain but Allah said how can I send you rain when there is one man in your 70,000 who is doing evil? And what is his evil? He is carrier of tales (chughli-khor). I seek forgiveness of Allah. O people of Multan!

Musa turned to the people and said the man who is a carrier of tales among you come forth and confess or Allah will tell me Himself. On this, the Carrier of Tales turned to Allah and said, ‘You know I am guilty but You are the Forgiver, I repent and ask for Your Mercy.’ On this, Allah said, ‘O, Cloud go and drop your rain!’

Musa said to Allah how is it that You have given us rain without us knowing who the guilty man was? Allah said, a truce has been struck between me and my creature. I didn’t tell you his name before and I am not going to tell you who he is now. Because I am the Lord of the Worlds.

O People! If there was one sinful person, the rain stopped, but today which evil is there that is not being practised by you? TV is on in your home, naked films are being shown in your rooms, wine is being drunk there too while your children smoke heroin. Charas and opium is in use too. Do you marry your children according to Shariat? Your house receives the transvestite singers (bhaand) who also dance there. Isn’t there song and dance going on all the time? It is a pity that today we have adopted the customs of the Jews. We enjoy basant. VCR is rampant. We have even brought cable TV to our homes. We go out on picnics. All our sins are the sins of the Jews.

Prophet PBUH said oppose Christians and Jews. But you have started imitating them. We are following the ways of Christians, Jews, Hindus and Sikhs.

Has any Hindu said namaz? Why do you observe basant? Has any Sikh kept fasts like you? The Jews don’t agree with any thing you do but you follow the rituals of the Jews.