Posted in Deobandi on June 30, 2011

Speaker: Maulana Ubaidullah

Location: Jamia Faruqia, Bhakkar

Sect: Deobandi

Language: Urdu

Time: August 2010


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The Prophet PBUH once said there will be a time when my followers (umma) will pray but their prayer will not be heard. They will read praise of the Prophet PBUH but it will not be accepted. They will do wuzu, say namaz but none of this would be accepted.

The Companions asked: O Prophet why would this be?

The prophet replied: It is a bitter pill but take it. If the followers of the Prophet PBUH do not earn their bread rightfully but rely on haram then how can their prayers be heard? Now look at yourselves today in 2010, don’t you tell lies, don’t you eat haram, don’t you look with greed at other people’s honour? At night before going to sleep, survey your acts and you will know how wrong you have become.

The Prophet PBUH came to make us understand this. One day he was in the mosque when an illiterate Bedou came and began to urinate in a corner of the mosque. Hazrat Umar was enraged and took out his sword. But the Prophet PBUH stopped him and asked him to be patient. After the man had relieved himself he stood aside to see what would follow. The Prophet PBUH asked for fresh water and cleaned the place with his own hands. He said look this place was unclean but as a Prophet I cleaned it without any reduction in my prophethood.

Then he said if we had lunged on him during his urination he could have suffered from a permanent blockage of urine. The man who had urinated was listening to this. He immediately went forward and became a Muslim.

Similarly, a she-deer was trapped and caught by a Jewish hunter. She begged him to let her go to suckle her two young ones after which she will return and hand herself over to the hunter. But the hunter was not listening to her. At this point the Prophet arrived on the scene. The she-deer at once approached him. He requested the hunter to let her go. The hunter agreed because he was requested politely. The deer was released.