Posted in Ahl-e-Hadith on June 30, 2011

Speaker: Maulana Abdul Ghaffar

Location: Jamia Masjid Ahle Hadith, Sadiqabad, Rahimyar Khan

Sect: Ahle Hadith

Language: Urdu

Time: August 2010


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The battlefield of Dawat – invitation to Islam – is open in front of us. But many Muslims have adopted the posture of opposing Jihad. What has Dawat achieved? Today many regions and villages and communities have become ‘without religion’. I refer to an article by Dr Marwan of Saudi Arabia who says that Indonesia which is home to 320 million Muslims is subject to Christian missionary conversion onslaught. And 12 million Indonesians have been converted.

Dr Marwan says: ‘We decided to do something about it. We gathered our baggage and reached Indonesia. We decided we will start Dawat in areas where people were converting to Christianity in large numbers. Dr Marwan says his group bought vehicles and went there. He says: ‘We were passing through a forest and read placards saying this place is dangerous because wild people can attack any time. A small girl was passing after coming out of the forest. We asked her who she was. She said she was part of a large group of 200,000 aged twenty devoted to spreading Christianity among the Indonesian Muslims. Our method is that we set out on bicycles, eat by asking for alms, and spread the teachings of Christ. I was greatly upset by this revelation. I asked her will you take me to any such community where you are working? We followed her.

We reached a village surrounded by forest. We saw that the people lived the same as the people of Hazrat Noah living in antiquity. No roads, no electricity, no sewerage. She blew a whistle in the middle of the plain. Men and women gathered. The girl misled the people with half an hour’s reading of the Bible. She begged for food which she ate and then rode her bicycle to the next village. She told us: we are twenty year olds and are 20,000 in number and we eat by begging for food and read the message of Christ.

I ask the clergy of Pakistan who will support the people who are thus leaving Islam and adopting Christianity as murtad (apostate)? Who will stop this trend towards apostasy?

Your forefathers had converted the people of Indonesia with the sword. The state of affairs in Indonesia is such that the cleric waiting for the namaz-observing people sits on the dais smoking his cigarette. When the worshippers of Allah enter the mosque the cleric instead of stubbing out his cigarette takes a deep drag of it and tells everyone to make rows for namaz. Women are wearing shorts during namaz. And they enter the mosque clad in short pants.

This is the situation there. Everyone says non-faith or kufr has conquered the world. But think if we have not offered ourselves to kufr on a platter. The truth is that when the Christian missionaries came they penetrated all the communities and when they came to fight the Second World War they killed so much that historians report the death of 5 million.