Posted in Deobandi on June 30, 2011

Speaker: Maulana Abdul Aziz Hassaani

Location: Madrassa Talimul Quran

Sect: Deobandi

Language: Punjabi

Time: August 2010


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Listen O People, Namaz is compulsory all days of the year, unlike hajj and Ramadan and sacrifice that happen in certain months only. But why do you say that your clothes are unclean when you don’t want to say namaz? The clothes will speak and say wee were never unclean. We were cotton and were clean, then we became cloth and we were clean and when we became clothes there was nothing wrong with us. Only when a man not saying prayers wears us we become unclean.

The Prophet PBUH was dying. He placed one hand on the shoulder of Hazrat Ali and the other of the shoulder of Hazrat Abbas and came with their help to his Mosque of Madina. He said to the Companions, look I am about to die but even at this moment I am going to say my namaz in congregation and not alone. Maybe I will omit one namaz but I cannot tolerate that my nation should leave namaz.

My Friends, today we remember to attend weddings and go to hotels and don’t ever forget going on time. But namaz is for your own good. When you go to a saint you get something from him. When you go to a minister you get something from him too. But Allah says come to my door and knock only once and I will give you all that you ever will demand. The most fortunate man is he who says his namaz of tahajjad (late night) and cries and says only Allah who makes me suffer will give me comfort.