Posted in Deobandi, Morality on June 30, 2011

Speaker: Maulana Abdul Ghafur Tahir

Location: Jamia Masjid Ahle Hadith Hafizabad

Sect: Deobandi

Language: Urdu

Time: August 2010


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My brothers! Save your families from going to Hell! And the way to do that is to strive through actions to go to Paradise. (Description of Hell as a Place of Fire follows.) The dweller of Hell will be thirsty but he will be given pus to drink. Hot boiling water will be given him to drink. And after he has drunk of this his tongue will grow till it will trip up his legs.

There will be angels in Hell without the emotion of mercy. The dweller in Hell will have no mercy shown to him. He will cry till his tears will dry up and his cheeks will develop deep channels for crying.

Once Gabriel came to the Prophet PBUH but his face had changed its colour. When the Prophet PBUH questioned him he replied that he had seen Hell and was greatly upset at what he saw. Allah had asked the angels to burn the fire of Hell for a thousand years to make it hot enough. After a thousand years the angels said it was now hot enough. But Allah said it is still not hot enough, so burn it for a thousand more years. Gabriel said he was afraid he might be sent to Hell. (Andar na kar day.) Gabriel started crying. The Prophet PBUH also started crying. On this a voice came from Heaven and said don’t cry your sins from past life have been forgiven.

Gabriel went to Heaven but the Prophet PBUH kept crying. His companions were gathered outside his room. When he came out he saw that they were laughing. He told them if you knew what I have experienced you would not laugh. If you come to known what I have known you would start crying like me.

Such is the fear of Hell. On hearing the Prophet PBUH, the Companions too started crying. Listen! Hell will also have snakes whose bite will cause any man to feel pain for 70 thousand years.