Posted in Deobandi on June 30, 2011

Speaker: Maulana Abdul Khaliq

Location: Jamia Masjid Tablighi Markaz, Rahimyar Khan

Sect: Deobandi

Language: Seraiki

Time: August 2010


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Allah says this Earth is of short life, hence beware don’t get too busy building houses and accumulating land lest you be buried before you can get a shroud to cover your corpse. Once I was in Sahiwal and saw a man on the ground twisting around in the throes of death. One man next to him was crying and when I asked him he said he was crying because the man who was dying was the owner of several thousand acres of land but now he was dying without a shroud. The Quran says to man why are you misled? Man will reply O Allah I walked the earth forgetful about the Quran’s edict that man should not walk the earth with arrogance lest his neck be broken and he be thrown to the ground. Allah says Earth is not permanent. And man is its inheritor but the real permanent rest is with those who are pious.

May all of you be the good people Allah has promised the joy of permanent rest to. When you die the angels will come and open your account of deeds. If in your account there is no mosque but chakla (whorehouse) and if there is reference to wine drinking and disrespect towards parents and abuse of the Companions of the Prophet PBUH (reference to Shia) and insult of the pure wives of the Prophet PBUH (another reference to Shia) then the angels of Paradise will shout: this man is not ours but he belongs to Hell!

The Prophet PBUH loved his umma (followers) like his own offspring. He asked Izrael the angel of death when you kill one of my followers what do you do? He said Sir I make a gesture and your follower gets up quickly in great disturbance. The Prophet PBUH said give that pain to me and I will bear in behalf of my followers. The angel said who am I to inflict pain on you?

Once a man had a prostitute as his friend and companion. He gave her new clothes to wear and passed in a street where there was an elderly saintly man. The saint picked up a stone from a dirty drain and threw it, so that some stains of dirt appeared on the new clothes of the prostitute. The man grew angry and slapped the saint. The Saint said please forgive me. The man said Why? I cannot forgive you for dirtying the dress of by girl friend. The saint replied if that is so, my friend (Allah) cannot forgive you for the slap you have inflicted on his friend’s face. Your friend is a prostitute but my friend is Allah.

When a Muslim does not say his namaz five times a day the Satan becomes happy with him, but at the time of Isha (evening) the Satan pisses in his mouth because at that time the Muslim is asleep. Jesus was at hand when the son of Noah arose from his grave. Jesus asked who he was he said I am Noah’s son. Jesus said tell me about the grave. He said don’t ask me about the torture of the grave I am still going through the conditions of sakraat (accounts before the torture).