Posted in Deobandi, Women on June 30, 2011

Speaker: Maulana Abdul Ghafur Haqqani

Location: Jamia Usmania, Shorkot-Kabirwala Road, Jhang

Sect: Deobandi

Language: Urdu

Time: August 2010


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The Pharaoh himself saw that in palace the prayer mat was spread and his wife was saying namaz. His own wife was doing sajda (prostration) before Allah. Today Muslim woman does not care and most houses are without prayer mats. Whole localities are without prayer mats. That is why there is fighting in all households and people are beset with worries. And there is bad omen all over the place. Today women also run after tawiz (talisman). They ask the maulvi please give me tawiz. She doesn’t know that she is ignoring the namaz and asking for tawiz. And her affairs at home are not orderly. She is ignoring Allah and there is lack of blessing in her house and if she were to say her namaz regularly she would need no tawiz.

Pharaoh asked his wife Asiya, what is this that you are doing. She said this is sajda, and when he asked: sajda to whom because I am your God? she answered this sajda is for Allah. You tell what was Asiya doing? Was her sajda to grave, ark or tazia, the Muharram horse (shia ritual) or some holy tree?

Pharaoh said all worship me as God; are they misled and fools? Asiya answered yes they are fools. You are my husband and not my God and Allah is He who gives wives to all husbands and Himself has no Wife. You become hungry and eat; He is free of hunger and I bend before Him who gives food to all people in plains and mountains. Anyone who eats is not worthy of worship.

Both started fighting. The Pharaoh had no answer to the argument of Asiya. He said Asiya you have destroyed me. People say we bow before you but your wife does not. You are hard on us but have not been able to persuade your wife to bend before you. The Quran says the Pharaoh got so offended that he took Asiya out of the palace and stripped her of her veil and made her sit in a big bare ground. He said: Tell me who is your God? She replied: My God is Allah. And you are a fool I cannot accept you as God. The Pharaoh said introduce me to your Allah. She said you go to sleep and a God who goes to sleep cannot be worshipped. Great leader Ataullah Shah Bukhari used to say when the people are asleep at night, Allah is awake; and so on through the night.