Posted in Ahl-e-Hadith, India, Jihad on June 30, 2011

Speaker: Maulana Abdul Ghaffar Awan
Location: Jamia Muhammadia Khanewal Road, Lodhran
Sect: Ahle Hadith
Language: Urdu
Time: August 2010


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Today we have the same kind of environment as when the King of Rum (Byzantium) told his court that a slave belonging to Muhammad PBUH should be brought before him. Today the Indian army is trying its best to capture a member of Lashkar Tayba alive, just like the King of Rum.

Companion Abdullah bin Rawaha was arrested and brought before the King of Rum. The King asked: will you leave the way of faith and jihad and abandon the love of the Prophet PBUH? Reply was: Not at all. The King said: Do you know what will happen to you if you don’t do as I say? Bin Rawaha asked: What will happen to me? The answer was: you will be killed. Rawaha said: but all of us are looking for this way of dying. We desire martyrdom. The King said: what if I give you my daughter and half my kingdom? Rawaha replied: Even if you give your girl and all the kingdoms of the world I will not even look at them. I will not leave the way of faith and jihad. The King brought two of his companions and boiled them alive in front of Rawaha. But Rawaha said: they were luckier than I was because they achieved martyrdom ahead of me.

I swear by Allah. I have seen these scenes in Kashmir and Afghanistan. Boys have been seen crying asking the Amir of Lashkar to give them the opportunity to martyred first on frontline of jihad. When the martyr goes trampling on the wires set up by foreign funds sent by international thugs, he cries out: Thanks to You Allah I have come out into the independent terrain (azad ilaqa). Some think that conditions there are so that boys are happy going there (Afghanistan & Kashmir). But the warrior says my heart is full, O Allah, with your love and the love of the Prophet PBUH. We are free people and obey only You. They want to be sent to the battle front and beg for it. In Afghanistan such scenes are frequent. When he gets an opportunity the warrior bathes himself first, then puts oil in his hair, kohl in his eyes and after dressing in new clothes, goes out to do battle. Others looking at him say: You are in communion with Allah but please also speak in our favour so that we may too go to jihad.

Abdullah bin Rawaha defied the King of Rum and the King ordered his soldiers to put him in a boiling cauldron of oil. On this Rawaha started crying and the King thought he was repenting after changing his mind and asked him if he wanted to be spared. But Rawaha said: I am crying because I have only one life to offer to the prophet PBUH and wish I had more to offer. Upon this the King said I have found this man the way I had heard about Muslims.

Before Makrama bin Abu Jahl embraced Islam he used to unfurl the flag of rebellion in every battle against the Prophet PBUH. After embracing Islam he joined the front ranks of the fighters of Abu Bakr and Khalid bin Walid. He was so full of passion for jihad that he went deep into the ranks of the enemy forcing Khalid Bin Walid to call him back. But he went on fighting and bin Walid kept on shouting his name. On this Makrama said: O Khalid please don’t call me back. Don’t come between me and Paradise. You had become Muslim long ago but I am new and have to try harder to be blessed. Let me get my sins remitted because the Prophet PBUH has said that the sword wipes away all sins (in jihad). This was the son of Abu Jahl. Look how Allah changed his thinking.

People who are non-believers are lying about our Prophet PBUH. The truth is that this Prophet PBUH is so great that he straightens out the rows of those who say their namaz. He says if you keep your feet in line Allah will set your hearts too in a straight line too. He makes the top leaders of the tribe stand in the same line as the slaves like Bilal. The Prophet PBUH is the solvent of all our problems.


Maulana Mufti Ismail Muhammadi