Posted in Deobandi, Women on June 30, 2011

Speaker: Maulana Muhammad Sadiq Qasmi
Location: Jamia Masjid Janazgah Nurshah, Bahawalpur
Sect: Deobandi
Language: Seraiki
Time: August 2010


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There will soon be time when a husband will be a slave of his wife. And he will strike his mother’s head with his shoe and tear his father’s beard from its roots before thrashing him with his shoe. The Prophet PBUH said such offspring will go to Hell. And I say that this earth can come to and end but the saying of the Prophet PBUH cannot be given the lie.

Caliph-to-be Umar is standing outside his home listening to his sister recite Sura Maryam from the Quran. She closed the Quran. Umar (who was yet a pagan) knocked at the door and his sister opened. Umar took his sword out and made ready to kill her but asked show me the verse you were reciting. He said he wanted to destroy the Book but his sister said he would not be able to do it. On this Umar started beating up his sister. But the girl said she would rather be beaten than give up her faith. At last, Umar accepted that his sister’s resolve was stronger and told her that she had won the argument. He then asked her to recite the Quran for him. The sister asked him to wash up before the recital. This was the ideal sister reading the Quran to his brother but today sisters would rather dance during harvest season. It was shameful how I saw an old woman dancing on a truck carrying the harvested crop. Allah save us all!

Thus Umar heard the Quran and was a greatly affected by it and started crying with regret. But today we watch the VCR even inside the buses we travel in. Hotels and restaurants have films running so that a pious man cannot even have a cup of tea in peace. There are no hotels where women are not found along with cassettes.

People! Teach your children the Quran and don’t say they will die of hunger because of unemployment because reading the Quran doesn’t get you any jobs. Tell me: have you ever seen a reciter of the Quran dying of hunger? I can swear that as a reciter of the Quran I have never lacked for food. Cooked food arrives at my door and I am never without means. Have you ever heard that a reciter has died of hunger? You might have heard that a cleric has died after eating too much halwa.

Some people have associated the clergy with halwa. When they see a bearded man they say there goes halwa. What is wrong with halwa? Is it haram and forbidden? You are unfortunate that you sell your best things to buy narcotics and that product of the English called cigarette. There are people who take naswar being sold by Pathans from the Frontier who have now opened shops here. Once I asked one of them and he said: I sell Rs 40 thousand worth of naswar every day! Allah be praised!

Maulana Mufti Ismail Muhammadi