Posted in Deobandi on June 16, 2011

Speaker: Maulana Ahmad Shoaib Khan
Location: Jamia Masjid Siddiq Akbar Mianwali
Sect: Deobandi
Language: Urdu
Time: June 2010


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Those who think that the dead in their graves can hear voices of the living should be asked: Do the dead hear without means or with means? Only one option will be selected. If the answer is that the dead listen through means of physical ability then that means they are not dead. When a man dies, his physical capacities also die with him. And if it is said that the dead are not dead then ask them why the wives of the dead have remarried and the children have inherited their property?

The cleric will try to wiggle out. He will say that the dead hear without physical means. Your answer to that should be that hearing without physical means is the attribute of only Allah. How can a dead man have the attributes of Allah? If someone still believes the dead hear then he doing shirk or joining others with Allah and this speaker will not let such people run away. The Quran is clear about it: no dead man can hear. The opponents will say are you the only learned man? We have our own scholars who claim that they can hear.

These people (Barelvis) are referred to in the Quran. Allah says they say we will believe only that which has been handed down to us by our elders. Allah says tell them about Abraham. Abraham told his father who worshipped idols that those who cannot hear will not come to your help. Abraham was Haneef which means a man who breaks with earthly beliefs and connects with Allah but those who believe that the dead can hear are connected to earth and not Allah.

Those who are not guilty of shirk are the ones who don’t believe that the dead can hear. They are men like Maulana Hussain Ali, Maulana Ghulamullah, Maulana Muhammad Tahir Panjpiri, and Maulana Inayatullah Shah Bukhari. The message – to those who bow before graves and who call on the dead thinking that the dead can hear – is that Allah has condemned shirk. Abraham had asked: when you call them, do they hear?

Maulana Mufti Ismail Muhammadi