Posted in Deobandi on June 10, 2011

Speaker: Maulana Qari Muhammad Salman
Location: Jamia Masjid Qila Didar Singh, Gujranwala
Sect: Deobandi
Language: Urdu
Time: June 2010


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If you don’t work for the wealth you get you will lose it through extravagance. The wealth you earn through your honest toil is permanent. Wealth inherited by sons is often lost by spendthrift successors. Similarly, the money you get from the bank as loan to build a house is not the money you have earned. Therefore it is haram and not permitted because you pay interest on it. (And someone who is earning interest from a deposit in the bank is also getting money without toiling for it.)

You cannot love money, the only thing worth loving is Allah and His Prophet PBUH. And that means staying away from things the Prophet PBUH has held haram. This generally means acting on the sunnat (way) of the Prophet PBUH which has come down to us protected just like the Quran.

All events in life must follow the sunnat of the Prophet PBUH. No earlier prophet has had his life-facts preserved the same way as the Prophet PBUH. Pay attention to this fact.

A young man today can stand at a crossing in Gujranwala and challenge the other religions of the world like Hinduism and Sikhism and such followers of one God as Christians and Jews and challenge them to show that their prophets’ lives have been preserved as fully as Prophet Muhammad’s PBUH. Let Christians and Jews present the lives of Moses and Christ the same way.

Everything the Prophet PBUH ever did is preserved in hadith, even his going to answer the call of nature has been preserved in accounts of hadith. In Tirmizi Collection of hadith it is told that Salman Farsi was once asked if the Prophet PBUH had taught him ways of answering the call of nature. Salman Farsi replied yes and said every moment of the Prophet’s life has been preserved with authority. Muslims should follow the lessons he has left behind and not show off their false love of the Prophet PBUH.

Maulana Mufti Ismail Muhammadi