Posted in Ahl-e-Hadith, Sectarian on September 12, 2010

Speaker: Maulana Muhammad Umar
Location: Jamia Masjid Ahle Hadith, Mandi Bahauddin
Sect: Ahle Hadith
Language: Urdu
Time: June 2010


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Abbasid Caliph Mamun said a wise thing: I found four things at four places. I found kufr (non-belief) in Jehmiya sect, logic and reason in Mutazila sect, falsehood in the Shia, and truth in Ahle Hadith. The foremost personage among the Ahle Hadith is Imam Bukhari the Complier of hadith. The Ahle Hadith love Imam Bukhari.

Why do we love Imam Bukhari? Because he raised his voice against the taqleedi (imitators) jurists. He said: Islam is in the Quran. This is also the saying of the Prophet PBUH.

Let me tell you something informative. There are a lot of negaters of hadith led by such as Ghulam Ahmad Pervaiz and his latter-day followers. These people criticise Imam Bukhari and fault Imam Muslim and say bad things about Imam Tirmizi. They will also speak against the Ahle Hadith and defame them by calling them conspirators. They will malign Imam Hanbal and Imam Malik, the great jurists. But when we in turn present legitimate criticism of their Imam Abu Hanifa they reject it and accuse us of being insulting.

The fact is that the first insulter is Imam Abu Hanifa himself. He accused his teacher Jabir of being a great liar (Kazzab). But the imams have always been critical of each other in a spirit of freedom of inquiry. Criticism is not discourtesy. But the real discourtesy is preferring the word of Imam Abu Hanifa over the word of the Prophet PBUH by rejecting the hadith. The Ahle Hadith will defeat these Hanafis in argument and will make then run away.

People say that I was defeated during a debate in Daulatnagar (village in Gujrat) and in Lahore. The truth is otherwise. The debate in Lahore was famous and a man sitting in the Deobandi panel witnessed it. This witness was Ehsan and the venue was the office of a Saudi oil company in Badami Bagh. Ehsan is an employee there. After I had explained my position and proved that Deobandi were guilty of kufr (non-belief) and shirk (rejection of monotheism) he got up from the panel and asked the people to be witness to his conversion to Ahle Hadith.

The Deobandis are liars but I have proof of this victory in the shape of a video CD. I said in Gakhar that Maulana Sarfraz Safdar and his followers had written books that poisoned the air of the city till Ahle Hadith champion Hakim Mehmood had to come out with revelations about the past of the Deobandi scholars. His book is the most expressive testimony against Deobandis. But Deobandis have abused us in most scurrilous fashion and assailed us in most violent language. Yet we the Ahle Hadith have been kind to them. As a result many Deobandis are converting to Ahle Hadith.

At Gakhar I invited the Deobandis to come and argue with me for three hours and get Rs 20,000 from me in case of victory. In Daulatnagar Gujrat they have a Deobandi scholar who is empty-headed and a total ignoramus who speaks falsehood quoting from books that don’t exist, saying things that other Deobandis don’t say. He Tariq Jameel is the biggest fabricator of Tradition of our times. Also, Ismail Muhammad has concocted Tradition and has maligned the Prophet PBUH. Similarly, in Daulatnagar Maulana Ilyas Ghumman was targeted by me in writing. I have a video of that debate too.

Maulvi Ismail is a former bus conductor. His teacher Mufti Anwar Okarwi is head of the Ahle Sunnat and Deoband alliance and head of hadith department at the Deobandi seminary in Multan called Khairul Madaris. I had a debate with him on the matter of divorce (talaq) at Jauharabad. His habit is that when he is defeated in argument he raises the slogan of Ya Police (he calls the police).

The story of this debate is like this. After being ignominiously defeated the Maulana called the police and when no one came he started shouting like a crazy man and his followers went on rooftops where the cellphone signal was clear to call the police saying Ahle Hadith had trespassed into their locality. More than fifty people converted to Ahle Hadith there.

Last year in September, two other debates took place. One was on talaq and the other of rafe-yadain(letting the hands drop during prayer). We made the Deobandis sweat during these debates. On these occasions too ten people converted to Ahle Hadith.