Posted in America, Barelvi, Hijab/Veil, Women on September 12, 2010

Speaker: Maulana Munawwar Ahmad
Location: Jamia Masjid Madni, Sahiwal
Sect: Barelvi
Language: Punjabi
Time: June 2010


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Summer is here and those homes where liberty is rampant have now an excuse to wear thin clothes and let their women wear dresses that leave their parts open, as if showing their muscles to the world. Prophet Muhammad PBUH said that for such women who attract men and those who are attracted to men, the breeze of paradise will not touch. So if you want to avoid going to Hell then celebrate the Milad or birthday of the Prophet PBUH and spread his message.

In contrast to the progress we are making with these bare women, the Prophet PBUH once asked his slave Bilal you have progressed so much that I hear your footsteps preceding me to Paradise. In the times of the Prophet PBUH the believers went around the markets in broken sandals but today Muslims who claim having trodden the moon strut about in the markets and don’t know how to walk.

The inhabitants of Paradise will wake up to a sudden light and ask if there is no sun and no moon in Paradise whence is this light? This sweet light is the same that you feel at the time of Dawn. This is the light of Heaven. The inhabitants of Paradise will be told that the sweet light is coming from the palace where Hazrat Usman is resting. The light has come from the sole of the shoe that Hazrat Usman put on for going from one chamber of the palace to another. Tell me if the light of the sole of shoe of Usman is so moving what would be the light that came from his face?

I am talking of a light that will lighten up the darkness of the grave too. It will also lighten up the Judgement Day. This light is the property of those who have the light of the Prophet PBUH in their hearts. But if someone is misled by George Bush how can he have lightness of the mind (enlightened moderation of Musharraf)? On the Day of Judgement all will be ordered to rise from their graves. But this order will not apply to Hazrat Abu Bakr who will rise only by his own choice. On Friday, all inhabitants of Paradise are ordained to rise and see the face of Allah. They will wait every Friday for that.