Posted in Deobandi, Sectarian on September 11, 2010

Speaker: Maulana Saeed Ahmad Khan
Location: Jamia Masjid Usman Ghani, Vehari
Sect: Deobandi
Language: Punjabi
Time: June 2010


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Mythology has ruined the faith of the believers and this mythology includes Jews, Christians, Magi, Persian shatungray (small satans), jinns, and pigs. This trend has turned people away from the books of the prophets and their exemplary lives. Six hundred years have passed but these myth-makers have persisted in their activity. There is no salvation in drinking the urine of the pir-faqir (saints) or eating the soil of the tombs because Allah says there is no one on earth who can act as connection to Allah.

Allah says when I want to connect with humanity I will do it through the Quran. The scattered nation of Muslims will never be united unless it bases its faith on the Quran. When cattle are fighting among themselves one easy solution is to tie them to a single peg. That is how Muslims should be bound to one peg. Animals who fought are licking each other after being tied to one peg. I know this because I am a Jat landlord who has become a cleric to avoid tilling the earth.

Allah says hold fast to the lead I give you and do not fight among yourselves. You are all animals who act on the basis of discord but if you bind yourselves to one peg you will soon be seen licking each other with affection. Apart from the Quran there is no other connection with Allah. If you don’t do this then the Prophet PBUH will report to Allah that these people have created their faiths by writing their own books and they are setting aside the only one book that was supposed to bind them to Allah.

It is tragic that we are writing tawiz (talisman) to cure our followers but has the Quran allowed you to write these tawiz cures? Where have you thrown the Quran? Some of us are sitting on the graves making a cult out of them. One hadith says that if you read an ayat (verse) of the Quran at the grave of a person who has lived a life of sin then the ayat will cause gunah (sin) instead of salvation of the dead. The tables are turned because we have abandoned the Quran.

Today our misfortune is that we are following myths being spread by our clerics who follow the feudals to earn money and gain power forgetting that if the clerics follow the Quran Allah will give them more than the landlord even can. No cleric listens to the voice of Allah by reading the Quran. A donkey cleric from Taunsa (in South Punjab) is quoting hadith reports that he has not even checked and is spreading mythology among the people.

Our Prophet PBUH says heaven and earth can sway but nothing in the hadith will go against the Quran. The Quran is knowledge; it is our treasure of Knowing. Who from among your family has told you that the Prophet PBUH said this or that? Instead of ‘the Prophet PBUH said thus’ why don’t you say ‘Allah said thus’?