Posted in Ahl-e-Hadith, Media, Morality, Women on May 26, 2010

Speaker: Maulana Abdur Raheem

Location: Jamia Rehmania, Multan

Sect: Ahle Hadith

Language: Punjabi


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There is destruction in our midst. On the one hand the Quran is being recited and on the other the son of Haji Sahib is listening to songs on his mobile phone. The boy is the son of khateeb (deliverer of khutba) of the mosque. This boy of an Ahle Hadith scholar has come to the funeral-prayer with cell phone blaring songs that drown the funeral prayer. The mourners who had come to attend the prayer have actually listened to the songs and departed.

Whom should I tell the truth of this? The truth is bitter. If a single madrassa or masjid of the Ahle Hadith reforms itself, everyone else would be reformed. On the one side we lay claim to piety; on the other we cannot get rid of the VCR from our homes. Similarly we cannot remove from our mobiles the ugly sounds we enjoy. This is not the way we will become what we should. One pious man can be reason for the correction of an entire society. This is not happening.

People rebuke us saying look at the sons and daughters of Haji Sahib, all are ‘disco model’. Muhammad PBUH had said that one sign of the Day of Judgement would be that women will wear dresses that will show them as naked. I am not opposed to anyone but Allah will ask whether I had conveyed His Message of the Quran correctly? What will I say if He asks me whether those who listened to the Quran were properly dressed and whether their families observed the law of Islam?

On the Last Day Allah will first ask those who know the Quran and can recite the kalimas whether they were the proper da’i (inviters) to Islam. He will ask everyone whether he went to the mosque listened to the khutba and then lived according to the teachings of Islam. The fact is that so many learned people of Islam have come and gone but you are the same as you always were. No improvement has taken place. And the great ones who taught you included such celebrities as Maulana Jalalpuri, Allama Ehsan Elahi Zaheer, and Maulana Muhammad Hussain Sheikhupuri.

If there is no improvement in you then remember that questions will be asked about your hearing and your seeing. How much of it was in accordance to Islam. When the balance is struck between your deeds then what you heard and what you saw will be adjudged. The sinners will be separated from the pious ones and punished. All this is mentioned in the Sura Yasin.