Posted in Ahl-e-Hadith, Politics on September 11, 2010

Speaker: Maulana Abdul Basit
Location: Istehkam Pakistan Conference, Gujranwala
Sect: Ahle Hadith
Language: Urdu
Time: June 2010


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In these dark days the country needs to be saved and it is the Ahle Hadith who have the capacity to do this job. The country was achieved in the name of Islam and the slogan of Islam had united the entire people. My contention is that if during the Pakistan Movement the slogan of Islam had not been raised the country would not have come into existence. Lal-Ilaha-Il-Allah was the slogan that created Pakistan.

We had pledged to Allah that once you give us this country we will lose no time in creating in it a home of Islam, a system based on Islam, but once the country was created the first thing we forgot was Islam. Today out of all the failed states of the world, Pakistan is the worst.

The basic reason for this failure is the forgetting the pledge we had made to Allah. And if Pakistan is to be stabilised it will only be on the basis of the Islam. And that means setting up an Islamic system. Which means the enforcement of Islamic punishments The Quran is before you full of counsel for the setting up of a state that will be stable and strong. And Allah says the people whom we give domination on Earth are the people who act on the basis of faith, say namaz, observe fasting and pay zakat. They order the observance of piety and prohibit that which is haram.

Today our misfortune is that we not only have forgotten our own lessons but have imported new ones. And that will the reason for the dishonour that we will face in the coming days. I am today appealing to the rulers of this country that they should turn to Islam, observe the orders of Allah and act on the edicts of Islam as our Muslims of the first phase did. One Muslim used to conquer entire territories like Tariq bin Ziad who conquered Spain after landing on the shore of Spain and burning his ships.

It was like this that a handful of Muslims had conquered half of Europe. Our rise to prominence was owed exclusively to our observance of our religion in the true sense. This means revival of our values and their enforcement according to Quranic punishments. I hope that today we are able to stabilise Pakistan by acting upon these points that I have raised.