Posted in Ahl-e-Hadith, Governance, Morality, Politics, Sectarian on September 10, 2010

Speaker: Maulana Altafur Rehman Shah
Location: Muhammadi Masjid, Gujrat
Sect: Ahle Hadith
Language: Punjabi
Time: May 2010


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The Prophet PBUH said that permitting innovation in religion was the biggest evil. This is a hadith from Mishkat Sharif volume one. Religion is from Allah and Allah has made this religion complete. No one has the right to change it or add anything in it.

You know the PPP minister called Dasti and another one of the PMLN who won the by-election from Gujrat who is the worshipper of the graves (Barelvi).

It is our misfortune that he is a worshipper of the graves. Dasti was asked by the Supreme Court to name the five suras of the Quran – I am not making it up I have a copy of Nawa-e-Waqt newspaper which reports this – he did not know the names of the five suras although he had a certificate of graduation from a religious seminary (madrassa).

If the ministers holding degrees from madrassas are like this, what would be the quality of the clerics who come out of the madrassas?

You know that a member of the National Assembly had claimed that there are 40 paras (sections) of the Quran. One cleric was leading the tarawih prayers during Ramzan but the people gave him nothing for his labours. He demanded that he be paid something for his work. And when the people gave him nothing he said it doesn’t matter because I have also led the namaz without ablution (wuzu). This is the state of the politician and the cleric.

Let me show you more from Nawa-e-Waqt. This is your foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi and he is also a worshipper of the graves. He has put his head on the head of Hillary Clinton and is standing there with her. We have become shameless or shamelessness has been imposed on us.

When Muslims were entering Jerusalem they were ordered that they should keep their eyes directed to the floor because there will be woman in the mosque. And the woman (Jewish?) who were there asked what kind of people are they? They don’t even look at us.

Our rulers go to America to sell our blood. Look at this foreign minister who is haramzada (illegitimate son). I am not scared of anyone although you may be. I tread the earth of Allah and will tell the truth on it. Allah will be witness that I conveyed his message to the people. I have not taken money from the Chaudhry Zahur Elahi family like other maulvis, nor from the PPP and Chaudhry Ahmad Mukhtar the defence minister. All of them came to me but only Allah gives me my bread.

This foreign minister of ours keeps his face next to the face of Hillary Clinton and he has sold the blood of this nation. And he is the worshipper of the graves. All these are innovations and will be punished. We are great sinners only the generosity of Allah keeps us safe otherwise we deserve great punishment. The minister who has put his face on the face of Hillary Clinton has proved that 180 million Muslims of Pakistan are fornicators.

The cleric is equally to blame. He should refuse to conduct the funeral prayer over the dead body of such ministers. But Maulvi is a soul which has been purchased, be he Barelvi, Deobandi or Ahle Hadith. The clergy is scared it is also materialist and is busy acquiring wealth.