Posted in America, Barelvi, Governance, Politics on September 10, 2010

Speaker: Maulana Usman Ghani
Location: Jamia Masjid Razvia, Vehari
Sect: Barelvi
Language: Punjabi
Time: May 2010


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Islam has a distinct discipline not seen in other religions which is the reason why it is more universal than the other religions. For instance, in other religions, if the rights of the parents are given, those of the offspring are not given. If the rights of women are given, the rights of the men are ignored. Islam speaks of rights of both the parties, for instance, of the ruler and the ruled, etc.

Today we are focused on Europe and we ask the West to give us our rights. We appeal for the rights of the Kashmiris, the Palestinians, and the Afghans and knock on the doors of America and Europe and beg them. We beg for other decisions from them too. We say if America joins in our cause there will be peace in the world. I ask you will those who have come to this world to spread disorder ever be ready to create order? Those who have come to grab the rights of other people can they bestow our rights on us? My contention is that if you want to give the rights of the deprived to them then approach the authority of the Prophet PBUH and kiss his doorstep. After that Allah will give the rights you don’t have.

Allama Iqbal said it is wrong on your part to attach hope for solutions to a ruler who appears to be powerful to you. You think that since he is powerful and since all obey him he will solve your problem. But you are wrong. All that you see is actually a magic trick. All that the powerful ruler wants is extension of his power. Such powers are not meant to spread peace but to spread chaos for their own ends.

The downtrodden has to wake from his slumber. And when he realises that his rights have been usurped he tries to wake up. At this point the powerful ruler tries to give him soothing but false reassurance. After which the downtrodden again goes to sleep.

Now if I explain the democratic system to you, you will accuse me of going political. That’s why I have quoted Iqbal who wants to say that Caesars had a system of government in which they acquired the consent of the people but what they imposed was hardly democracy. Iqbal wants to say that today in the name of democracy the old system of the Caesars is being erected and imposed on the Muslims. Such rulers prevent the Muslims to turn to their religion. They attract the Muslims to the systems of Europe and America. All these are systems of old despots.

Allama Iqbal goes on to say that in this world the struggle is for wealth. Whoever has more riches is more powerful. But what happens to the man who has nothing? If a poor man gets elected by accident he is pushed back at all levels, corporation, provincial and national assemblies. The fact is that if a poor man becomes a member of the mosque committee the rich man will not let him be there for long. But Allah says status is only with taqwa (piety).