Posted in Deobandi, Hijab/Veil, Modernity, Morality, Women on September 10, 2010

Speaker: Maulana Sajjadur Rehman
Location: Jamia Hanafiya, Burewala, Vehari
Sect: Deobandi
Language: Punjabi
Time: May 2010


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Prophet PBUH says shameless wretch is the father of the woman who wears the dress but one can still see her body through it, the breasts the legs and the arms – so tight or see-through is the cloth from which the dress is made.

About the women who come out thus naked into the markets the Prophet PBUH has said that they will be the fuel of the fires of Hell. Such women are coy and attract males to themselves. The Prophet said women should walk on a side path and not on the path on which men are walking. I am talking of times when the number of women out on the road was much less than that of the men. Now that men and women are everywhere in markets and clubs the advice of the Prophet is relevant.

Today it is different. The woman is out on the roads and the man is sitting at home. Women in the market are so large in number that men have to avoid colliding with them. The shops are full of only women and men are scarce. But the advice of the Prophet PBUH that women should take the side of the path and men the middle is still useful.

Hazrat Abdullah was sent a beautiful woman by the mischief-making non-believer to weaken his faith. A Christian ruler had put Hazrat Abdullah in a cell and put wine and pig in front of him, thinking that he will eat pig and thus lose his faith in Islam. But when Abdullah did not eat, the King sent a beautiful woman who would repeatedly take off her clothes in front of him and make herself naked to seduce him.

The naked woman would come in front of Abdullah and say I have come to offer my body but you don’t even look at me. Abdullah knew that the moment he looked with his eyes the instinct of sin would be awakened with ishq and khawahish (love and desire). After the eye has seen then one wants to talk to the pretty women. And after talking one feels like sinning. That is why the Prophet PBUH said that human eye too does fornication or zina. The limbs of men are also a part of doing zina. The Prophet PBUH said that when a man starts walking in the direction of woman his feet too become sinful and thus entire body and limbs become involved in sinning.

The Prophet PBUH said three kinds of eye will not sin. One eye that wakes at night guards the armies of the believing Muslims. This eye will not see Hell. The second eye is the one that keeps up at night and weeps for the fear and love of Allah. This eye too will not see the fires of Hell. The third eye is the one that refuses to see what the Prophet PBUH has not permitted it to see. Hazrat Abdullah acted on this advice. He thought if I look at this woman then I will be sent to Hell. It is better that I should avoid looking at this bitch (in front of me).

So Hazrat Abdullah did not eat pork, drank no wine and would not look at the naked woman. For three days she tried and then went to the King and said that I had gone to this man to do the base act with him but he is made of stone.