Posted in Deobandi, Modernity, Women on September 10, 2010

Speaker: Maulana Muhammad Saeed
Location: Jamia Masjid Allahwali, New Model Mangral Town, Rawalpindi
Sect: Deobandi
Language: Urdu
Time; May 2010


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The men in Europe tricked the women into feeling that they were not free and if they became free they would be better off. But in so doing the man shifted all his burdens on to the woman. She was told she was equal to men and she could do what the men could and cooking was not the only thing for her to do.

The women were taken in. The men did two things: shifted their own burdens on to them; and took them out of the house to satisfy his sexual desire more easily. This was done through raising the slogan of Woman’s Liberty (Azadi Niswan). Once the woman was outside the home she was exploited in all sorts of base ways but she was still not given the status where she could share civic power.

In the West the woman has come out of home and is now sweeping bathrooms and works as charwoman, working at hotels and shops, serving food at restaurants. But she is not the head of the country. As a rule, if women are half of the population then half the top jobs should fall to her. In the US there has never been a woman president. There was a lady presidential candidate in the last election but she had a tough time and had to accept defeat.

The men have encashed the liberty of women. My friend bought a shoe with the face of a woman on the inner sole. They gave her the slogan of freedom then put her in the shoe and forgot her. She was told that she would be better off serving food to strangers than to her own kids at home. Look how low has the woman been brought.

Women too have not protested thinking they should keep their mouths shut and save their honour. The West has freed the women and has also made the mixing of men and women very easy. Last year I read that out of the girls that became mothers in America, 33 percent were under the age of 12. Gorbachev wrote a book in which he admitted that ‘we had liberated the woman but had scarred our future generations as a punishment for this act’.

When man and his wife both go out to work, the family system is destroyed. Where should the children go? It is decided that children should be sent to the day-care centre. Children growing at these centres cannot be aware of their parents and will not care for them in the end. When a parent grows old the children send him to an old home and when he dies the old home sends them a letter informing them of the death. The son says I have no time so please bury him and send me the bill.

My friends you have the outward refinement of the West. All this is on surface. But behind this clean appearance you have not looked at its frightful face. The West has gathered all the dirt it has produced and thrown it into our homes.