Posted in Barelvi, Science on September 10, 2010

Speaker: Maulana Ghafran Mahmud
Location: Jamia Masjid Ahle Sunnat, Dhadyal, Chakwal
Sect: Barelvi
Language: Urdu
Time: May 2010


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Allah says why is man neglectful of Me? I made him in the light of justice, placing his hands, eyes and legs at the right places and created him with the best proportion, then why is he so fickle towards Me? With 360 parts in his body, what is it that the man finds lacking? Why is man so disobedient?

Scholars have discussed this issue. They say that after four and a half months a baby gets his soul and during this time it gets its food in the womb of his mother. And what is this food: mother’s dirty blood created by menstruation.

Scholars asked why the menstrual blood as food for the baby inside the womb? The answer: to avoid man becoming too proud and arrogant. So that he should realise he was in a miserable condition taking in menstrual blood and that after he was brought out into this world, all covered with dirt, how everything became wonderful.

Compare the birth of man with the birth of a calf of a cow or a kid of the goat. The calf trembles and falls and follows his mother and puts his mouth to her udders. Man should be grateful that in contrast to the calf the child of man has a comfortable arrangement with his mother whose breasts are running with milk to feed him. The calf is driven to the roughness of the pen after birth but the child of man is coddled by the mother and kept in the warmth of her embrace. He does not have to reach out to get his food; food is poured into his mouth.

I swear no masterpiece of Creation exists other than man. As he grows up, man is endowed with intelligence and other noble attributes. He also has some attributes of the animal world but; his soul makes him of a piece with the angels and God. His body reminds him of the animal foundation of his being.

Look at the horse, you can make him dance on two legs but if you make it gallop on two legs the horse cannot do it. Companion Salawah bin Uqba used to take the horse from its rear, mount it and kill the infidel riding it, then ride back with the horse in his custody. This is what man can do; horse is no match to him.

It is said of Rumi in Haji Imdadullah’s book – I will not refer to the author of another source because he is a Deobandi which will pollute the atmosphere of this gathering – it is said of Rumi that when he was a child he saw that other children in the yard outside were competing in jumps. They challenged him to jump in competition. He saw the sport and said this jump of a few feet was not enough. The real jump would have your first step on Heaven. So Rumi took his first step and disappeared from sight. Scared children ran to Rumi’s home to inform that he had vanished. The parents ran to the yard and found him sitting there cross-legged. Upon inquiry he said he had just paid a flying visit to Heaven.

Bulls are sold by the thousands. They are made to race during festivals. They carry heavy loads. On the other hand man is not able to do much. But Hazrat Ali at Khayber was able to lift a door of seven and a half maunds and throw it open. Hazrat Safia who was inside the castle – she was to marry the Prophet PBUH later – recounted that when Ali lifted the heavy portal not only the room shook but the entire ground moved. She had fallen from her bed because of that. This was a man whom Allah had granted great powers.

This was the great worth given by Allah to man. And now look at what your real worth is today? We all die and die like the animals but Allah has created a difference which lifts us to a higher level. Man is neither halal after death nor haram. Man is not treated like a dog after death, to be thrown on a heap of refuse.