Posted in Shi'ites on May 25, 2010

Speaker: Maulana Ghulam Jafar Jatoi

Location : Hussainia Masjid, Multan

Sect: Shia

Language: Urdu


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The Quran that descended upon Prophet Muhammad PBUH starts with the letter B and ends with letter S. These two letters merge to make ‘bas’ which means the end; and it is not a Punjabi word although Punjabi uses ‘bas’ to indicate the end of something. This is an Arabic word. Allah wanted to tell his stupid creation that He had to give tidings of Ali and after that ‘bas’.

I swear by the honour of Hussain that the Quran is not the property of the mullah (cleric) but a qasida (a eulogy) of Ali. Anyone one has legitimate blood in his veins will repeat the lines of ‘Ali-Wali’. Anyone who raises his hand in the gathering of the Shia he is not dependent on any other hand.

Anyone who reads Syed Hashim Behrani of the City of Miracles (Madina) he can be a Nusayri; he cannot be a reducer of the status of Ali (maksar). Behrani writes that when the grandfather of Hussain the Prophet PBUH sends his salam across of the Veil (that separates Creator from Prophet) the answer comes from inside the veil saying ‘salam to my beloved’.

The Prophet PBUH listened carefully and asked whose voice was that? Allah said you are my guest and I want to know if you had any hardship on the journey. The Prophet PBUH replied that he had encountered no hardship. Then he said: I want to ask that when I have been served by Gibrail and given a ride by Buraq and sung to by the Houris along with the entire paraphernalia of Paradise – why can’t I shake Your Hand?

Allah said, My Beloved, had I a body I would have walked to Makka to meet you. (Speaker says if this is not sacred hadith then he is a condemned man and therefore anyone who doubts should go and look for his father to remove the doubt of illegitimate birth.)

The Prophet PBUH said: Lord, if You had a body how would Your face be? Allah replied, don’t worry, I would have a face like that of Ali. Had I body I would have come to Makka; how can I shake your hand?

Muhammad PBUH said stepping affectionately near the veil that separated him, ‘O Allah, I am no Musa to become convinced by Your talk. If you don’t have a body and therefore no hand, you still have the tongue to speak’.

Allah asked, ‘Why don’t you ask why you have been brought here? We were talking to each other in Makka too. Then why here across the Veil?

The Prophet PBUH said: ‘I will answer as you command. It is said that when a beloved comes to the house of him who loves the responsibility for his sustenance is on the latter: education, name, horse, dress, everything has to be provided by the host. It includes marriage too. As You know that apart from Ali there is no man who had visited my house. Ali on whom youth was lavishing itself. He wanted Batul’s (Fatima) hand (on which the grandfather of Hassan and Hussain went down in sajda (prostration). You sent me a proposal for her and Ali in your voice; and I was willing. The message could have been brought by Gibrail but he was not clean (pak) enough to take the names of the sacred ones. Now that the marriage of Ali and Batul is agreed to, shake hands on it!’

The Prophet PBUH said, ‘Am I not your special lover and lovers at times become insistent. And if You refuse to shake hands then I will lift the Veil that separates us. On me there is a great obligation from You. I am to teach your Word to the Nation of Islam. I swear on Hussain all will be well if the Shia become good Shias’.

On this Allah said, ‘My Lover don’t lift the Veil. There is only this Veil between you and Me (or we will merge). Wait I will shake hands with you’.

Then a hand appeared from inside the Veil. Muhammad PBUH took the Hand and began to turn it round and round. Allah said what are doing? Muhammad PUBH said, ‘O Beloved I am in the process of seeing (examining) it (ziarat)’. Suddenly the Prophet asked, ‘Is it really Your hand?’ Allah replied, ‘Yes it is mine’.

Read the Quran there is never any reference to Day, it is always Night. The Prophet PBUH went up to Heaven (meraj) at night and returned from there at night.

The Prophet PBUH was tired and came and sat on the bed of Khadija and said, ‘I have been to Meraj’. He did not go to the bed of an ordinary mother. The Father of Batul says he had been to Meraj. I swear on Hussain he said that he had been to Meraj. He said, ‘Buraq was my ride and I left Gibrail at the point of Sidra, and on the Fourth Heaven I led the Namaz of the Prophets. I stepped on the Seventh Heaven. Riding the Malkoot and Jabroot I entered the region Lahoot. I was alone there. There was just me and the ONE who had invited me. From beyond the Veil a tray of food came into view and from beyond the Veil a voice said you are my beloved, eat of the food in the name of Allah.’

On this Muhammad PBUH said, ‘Allah, the man who eats alone is of a narrow heart and a miser’. Allah replied, ‘Don’t worry We will eat with you. A Hand appeared and picked up an apple and disappeared behind the Veil’.

The Prophet PBUH was at this point of his narrative when there was a knock on the door and Ali entered. Since this was an unusual timing the Prophet PBUH asked Ali why at this time? Ali replied: Congratulations! When the Prophet PBUH what congratulations, Ali said, ‘On the miracle of Meraj’. But the Prophet wondered how it could be that Ali knew about Meraj when he had come straight to his house and had not since gone anywhere?

Ali took out an apple and said, ‘Look, was not this the apple you saw being taken by a hand on the Seventh Heaven?’