Posted in Barelvi, Modernity on September 5, 2010

Speaker: Maulana Muhammad Sirajuddin
Location: Jamia Masjid Ahle Sunnat, Dina, Jhelum
Sect: Barelvi
Language: Potohari-Punjabi

Time: May 2010


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I am addressing my mothers, sisters and young boys who are present here and have spoiled themselves watching TV. They are proud beyond measure of having passed four grades at school.

The court of Prophet PBUH was in session but one Companion ugly beyond belief, with long teeth and black complexion, was present. The Prophet PBUH asked him, O Slave have you not married? The slave answered, No. The Prophet PBUH said don’t you know my sunnat (example) that one must get married? Reply: no one would marry me because of my poverty.

The poor have no relatives, no relationships. A poor man may be a good man, God-fearing and noble, but no one will marry him. People prefer faraway men who work in Dubai and Saudi Arabia to a man close by who is not rich. No one looks at character.

Even the blood ties have disappeared. The Prophet PBUH asked the slave: Can’t you marry inside your own baradari (community)? Reply came: the daughter of my uncle is there but I can hardly compare myself with that prosperous family because of my poverty. The Prophet said go at once to the house of your uncle and tell him that the Prophet PBUH has asked the hand of his daughter for his slave (you).

In the days of the Prophet PBUH the people had a sense of honour and the father of the girl agreed to the match made by the Prophet PBUH, but today all of you who sit before me are unknown to honour and shame. You will not listen.

The slave Companion of the Prophet went to his uncle’s house running and told him that he had been sent by the Prophet with the mission that he be married to his daughter.

All of you must understand the meaning of ‘daughter of father’s uncle’. These days all relative girls are called cousins. The old labels familiar in our culture have disappeared. All kinds of relations are called cousins. In our language relationships are precisely defined but modern times have borrowed from English and now only cousin has currency.

The slave companion waited for an answer from his uncle who was deep in thought. He was hesitant to let his daughter marry a man who was ugly as well as poor. His told the slave that he will go to the Prophet PBUH himself and deliver his answer to the proposal. His daughter was listening to the conversation and knew that the proposal had come from the Prophet PBUH. She said as far as I am concerned the marriage is acceptable because the Prophet PBUH is the proposer. She said it is far better to look at character than to look at wealth and good looks before marrying. When she cried the father got upset but she reassured him saying that her tears were tears of happiness.