Posted in Shi'ites on September 5, 2010

Speaker: Maulana Mukhtar Hussain
Location: Masjid Imambargah Chahan Syedan, Chakwal
Sect: Shia
Language: Seraiki
Time: May 2010


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The great Shia scholar Syed Murtaza wrote his great book Ilm al-Huda and no less a person than Ali the Master of Universe gave him the honorific name of mujtahid. Syed Murtaza narrates in his book that once Qaisar the personal servant of Ali came to the door of Fatima Batool wife of Ali and knocked. Out came maid Fizza who was said to be the princess of Abyssinia but preferred serving Hazrat Fatima.

Qaisar asked about Ali but Fizza said Ali was busy visiting the sky and the signs of Zodiac. He asked why was Ali travelling the skies; and Fizza replied that he had gone there to distribute sustenance (rizq) to all living beings and had also gone to award vacations to the angels. Qaisar’s reaction was that Fizza had become Kafir and was given to exaggeration (ghulu) and was therefore to be reprimanded. He ran to Ali who was then busy doing labour at the orchard of a Jew.

Ands then he related the entire episode about Fizza’s claim about Ali visiting the Heavens. Hazrat Ali smiled and asked if he disbelieved what Fizza had said. Qaisar replied but you are here standing in front of me, how could you be in the skies? Ali asked him to come close. And he showed him a vision through his fingers. There were all the signs of the sky in front of him with Ali deciding matters of life and death, sending the angels on vacations, leading namaz and delivering khutba.

Qaisar fell to his knees on this and begged forgiveness. He said he did not know him as well as Ali did about himself or the maid Fizza. It is established in responsible sources that Hazrat Fizza was higher in status than all the men Companions put together.

But on one point even the scholars of Islam (ulema) are silent. And on who is deserving of the blessing of Allah more: Hazrat Fizza or Hazrat Sulaiman Farsi. Hazrat Salman has high status because once the Prophet PBUH said Salman you are from my family!  Elsewhere he said Salman is higher in rank than Luqman and Salman is a Gate of Allah on earth. It is not Salman who wants to go to Paradise but Paradise that is keen to receive him.

Some Shias believe that earthly life if zahir (of appearance). Allah made first the 12 infallible imams and for their sake made the Universe later. Once Hazrat Hussain began to narrate the attributes of Ali to Salman and Ali felt it from afar and came quickly to Hussain and putting his hand on Hussain’s mouth said don’t describe all the attributes to Salman he does  not have the capacity to bear their narration.

Once Salman and Fizza were talking together and Salman was trying to convince Fizza that his status was higher than hers. Fizza said yes you are the servant and I am the slave but on the Day of Judgement you will still be waiting in the Plain of Final Day while I will have entered Paradise before you. Salam said careful Fizza the Prophet PBUH has called me a member of his family. Fizza replied I will not deny that you will be in Paradise but the fact is that I will be there first. Salman retorted: even before Ali? Fizza replied yes even before the Prophet PBUH himself.

Salman could not bear this and ran to where the Prophet PBUH was seated. He knew through ghaib (secretly) what had transpired and said let us go and talk to Fizza. When interrogated, Fizza most respectfully stated that the Prophet PBUH had told a gathering that the first entrant to Paradise would be his daughter Fatima who would be mounted on a she-camel made of Light whose lead-rope would be held by Fizza. Would not that make me the first entrant to Paradise?

I swear that the status that has fallen to the share of Fizza has not been given to any male Companion.