Posted in Ahl-e-Hadith, Science, Sectarian on September 4, 2010

Speaker: Maulana Abdul Jabbar
Location: Jamia Masjid Ahle Hadith Habibpura, Sialkot
Sect: Ahle Hadith
Language: Urdu
Time: May 2010


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One of the rejecters of hadith is Sir Syed Ahmad Khan whom people at times go to the extent of calling a hero. Sir Syed was born in 1817 and was dead in 1898. He was greatly enamoured of the West and liked its ways. People will remember that he set up Aligarh University to convert Muslims into angrez (Englishmen). No one remembers that he also wrote a tafseer (exegesis) of the Quran.

When Sir Syed’s tafseer was presented to Abul Kalam Azad he said it is not a tafseer of the Quran but its rebuttal (rejection). Sir Syed rejected all miracles and said he did not believe in miracles (mujaza). He did not believe in Paradise and Hell. Nor in angels and the jinn. Thus all that is stated in the Quran he rejected.  He also rejected hadith.

Sir Syed thus played an important role as an enemy of Islam. The 7th group of the deniers or rejecters of hadith is called the Chakralwi Group. Its founder Chakralwi was an inhabitant of Gurdaspur. He not only rejected the hadith – listen to this carefully – he said hadith is ‘shirk’ (adding someone to the Oneness of Allah). He rejected the miracles, he rejected the pain of the grave and rejected intervention (shafaat) and denied that the Prophet PBUH was the last Prophet.

The 8th group of rejecters are those who say the entire faith is a game. They say religion has to be changed according to times and the muftis should carry out the duty of suiting religion to times. According to them beard and shalwar over the ankles was a way of the Companions centuries ago. Jihad and Zakat too was the order of the Companions and is no longer relevant. Likewise purdah is irrelevant today. Today’s issues are different and religion must find solutions to them by changing itself. Make a new religion so that people can accept it in our times. The leader of this gang was Ghulam Ahmad Pervaiz who died in 1985 in Lahore. Today’s zinda laash (walking corpse) Javed Ahmad Ghamidi is another of these rejecters who has a made a game out of religion and has tried his best to distort it.

I will dwell on Ghamidi next week or the week next but let me tell you about the 9th group that rejects the hadith and that is the one led by Masududdin Usmani. He says he does not reject hadith but any hadith that clashes with the Quran is rejected. My question is can hadith be against the Quran?

Those who reject hadith say hadith is not wahi (voice of Allah) but in Sura Yunus verse 15 it is said that Allah follows wahi and the Prophet too follows wahi. This proves that hadith too is wahi. Sura Nisa verse 113 tells us that Allah sent down Quran and hadith both. Sura Najm says the Prophet PBUH does not speak on his own therefore hadith is wahi. And Sura Qiyamat says Quran was sent down by Allah and He also explains it through hadith; therefore hadith is wahi.

They also say that hadith is against reason (aql) but I say it is against your personal aql, it cannot be against reason. Only Hindus, Christians and Jews are against reason. What is hadith but the sayings of the Prophet PBUH? And the Prophet PBUH is the highest point of reason in the Creation. How can hadith be against reason?

And if hadith is against your reason then you should also deny the Quran. The Quran says Hud-Hud and Ant can talk among themselves. The Quran talks about miracles. They are also things that defy reason. Those who deny the hadith deny also the Quran.

There is objection that hadith is against science. The fact is that hadith is not against the sciences. The truth is that the sciences are against the sciences. Scientist appeared among humanity and declared first that the earth is static and does not move. Then another group came and said the earlier scientists made a mistake and the earth actually moves. Some said the sky is non-existent and later some said as far as the eye can see it is the sky. The truth is that the science that we have manufactured is pitted against itself. It is also against hadith but hadith can never be against reason.

The Quran in Sura Kahf says Zulqarnain went in the direction of the West and saw the sun set. Science says the sun never sets. If the sun never really sets then the Quran is against science. (That is the position.) O those who reject hadith do also reject the Quran! The Quran and hadith are the Kalam of Allah and the sayings of the Prophet PBUH. We can reject the sciences but not the Quran and hadith.

The objection is that hadith goes against history. The fact is that some history has come down with authentic sources. Hadith will never be against history if history is given with proof. And if you say that hadith goes against history then the Quran too is against history. The Quran says Azar was the father of Hazrat Ibrahim and man-made history says Azar was his uncle. Whom should we believe, the Quran or history? We cannot go along with history; we cannot reject hadith and the Quran.

Then the objection is that hadith has contradictions but the fact is that there is no contradiction in hadith. If you insist on contradiction then the fact is that Quran too has contradictions. Should we then reject the Quran? Sura Baqara verse 234 says if a husband dies his widow will have four months of iddat (waiting) but verse 240 says the period is one year.

Does this mean that the Quran is contradictory? No the truth is that one order is replaced with another order of Allah. The Quran says Allah replaces one earlier order with a later order (mansookh). Sura Infaal verse 65 says if you are 20 and confront 200 enemy you will overcome. Then the Quran says if you are 100 you will overcome 200 of the enemy. Does this mean the Quran contradicts itself? This first order came in light of the virtues of the Muslims and the second order came in the light of their weaknesses.

Hadith and the Quran have no internal contradictions.