Posted in Sectarian, Shi'ites on September 4, 2010

Speaker: Maulana Manzur Hussain
Location: Imambargah Masjid Haideri, Phalia, Mandi Bahauddin
Sect: Shia
Language: Punjabi
Time: May 2010


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Once a primary school of a large size with lots of children and teachers invited Maulana Maududi, the head of the Jamaat Islami, to come to the school and address them. The children were prepared by teachers with questions that they were to ask Maulana Maududi. The school was decorated and the parents were invited too to listen to the great man answering the questions raised by the students of the primary school.

Around a dozen children asked Maulana Maududi their prepared questions; and the function was drawing to its close when one boy suddenly stood up from among the children and said that he too wanted to ask his question. The teachers were all alarmed because they had not drilled this boy with prepared questions. The earlier boys were all from class three (equal to the three caliphs before Hazrat Ali) but this boy was from class five (equal to five pure persons from the Prophet and is daughter to Ali and his sons) and he had a question that no one knew how to answer.

The boy asked the Question: Tell me Sir what is Allah doing right at this moment? The Maulana was taken aback and so were the teachers who were now sweating. When no answer came the boy said if you don’t know the answer I can tell you what Allah is doing. The Maulana said please tell us.

The boy said Allah at this moment is busy sending darood (praise) in the name of the Prophet PBUH and his Family. The boy said Allah is also doing another thing. The Maulana said and what is that? The reply was: He is sending curses in the direction of liars. Maulana Maududi heard the boy’s comment and asked if he was Shia. The boy answered that he was and that he was also a Syed, meaning that he belonged to the scions of the Prophet’s family.

Maulana Maududi had to tell the gathering that only the small boys of this mazhab (sect) and this clan say such things these days.