Posted in Deobandi, Politics on September 4, 2010

Speaker: Maulana Ahmad Ali Siraj
Location: Wahab Masjid Daska, Sialkot
Sect: Deobandi
Language: Urdu
Time: May 2010


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Allah says that on the Day of Judgement he will hold the earth in his fist. And he will take the seven skies in his fist. Then He will take the earth in his fist and wave it in the direction of the skies. What kind of a fist will Allah have? Not the fist of General Musharraf who was waving it when he was in power. He is gone. He was arrogant. But the arrogance (kibr) of Allah (Kibrya) is according to His powers. When he takes the skies and the earths in his two fists the humanity will be inside the horn of Israfil (Angel of Last day).

When Allah called his Prophet PBUH to Heaven and removed the veils and asked him what he would like to have as Allah’s bounty, the Prophet PBUH said all he wanted was the salvation of his faithful. The Prophet said give me whatever You want to give me but if you ask me then I have only this to ask.

When the Prophet PBUH was in Ascension and was on his way to Heaven a dialogue took place between him and Allah who asked: what do you aspire to? The Prophet PBUH said: you made Adam Great, made Abraham your companion, made Christ the Spirit of Allah, then make me something in relation to Yourself. We believe that when Muhammad PBUH went to the level where no other prophet had gone he became Habibullah the Beloved or Friend of Allah. At this point the Prophet bent down in worship. On the other hand, we stop saying namaz if we get a small job.

So at the highest point in Heaven Muhammad PBUH did his sajda (prostration) to Allah. And Allah said what have you brought for me? Prophet PBUH said something which you don’t have as Supreme God. Allah asked what was that, and he answered humility, something you don’t have, because I am your slave. Allah said I salute your humility. Namaz is nothing but this dialogue between the Prophet PBUH and Allah.

Allah said may there be blessings on you. But the Prophet said I have only one demand and that demand is still there and that is salvation of my followers. Please forgive my followers (umma). Allah answered I will grant you so much that you will be content. When the Companions asked the Prophet PBUH why he was smiling after his return from Heaven, the Prophet said: I will not rest till I have taken all the sinners to Paradise.