Posted in Deobandi, Sectarian, Women on August 1, 2010

Speaker: Maulana Shabbir Ahmad
Location: Jamia Masjid Talwandi Narowal
Sect: Deobandi
Language: Punjabi
Time: May 2010


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Allah is alone. Once Nimrud was asleep and his servant was waving a fan on his face, but one fly would come and sit on his face again and again. It was somewhat like what happens today when you have power outages.

I ask the fly that sat on Nimrud’s face, O fly why do you sit on his face? She replies that mushrik (one who shares One God with other gods) has no nose meaning that he has no honour. The servant fanning him saw this and laughed. King Nimrud asked why the laughter? The servant said you claim to be the god of us all but you can’t get a fly off your face. I bless the Lord who made the fly!

Now let us see what the Quran is calling on you to do. This is also a reference to the Maulvis who set up redeemers other than Allah and ask then to solve human problems. I ask the clerics to get their redeemers to make a fly like the one made by Allah. People say Allah is bust talking to trees and rocks. But my answer is that Allah is talking to all of you, asking you to get together and stop asking redeemers other than Allah to solve your problems.

Allah pities you because of your habit of setting up other redeemers. These redeemers are themselves weak people and by choosing them you are abandoning Allah.

Home has four types of women, Mother, daughter, sister and wife. Mother has Paradise under her feet. Honour the mother the sister and daughter and accept that wife has the right of haq meher (earnest money). If a man says to his mother that he is not willing to give the haq meher of Rs 5000 to his wife but to the mother, then the people will beat up such a man with their shoes. And if someone says that by not giving Rs 500 to your mother you have deprived her then this would be the wrong thing to say.

The right of the mother is separate from the right of the wife. Similarly the right of the sister is separate and the right of the daughter. And the right of one will not be granted to another. The right of all the Prophets from Adam to Muhammad is recognised; but the right of being worshipped belongs only to Allah. And the Prophet PBUH said that Allah is One and he who believes in Him has earned the pleasure of the Prophet PBUH.