Posted in Ahl-e-Hadith, Modernity on August 1, 2010

Speaker: Maulana Muhammad Yahya
Location: Masjid Rotiwali, Gujrat
Sect: Ahle Hadith
Language: Punjabi
Time: May 2010


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President Zardari is worried. Does he sleep at night? He can’t sleep at night because he is worried about his chair and not worried about namaz. Similarly, Haji Sahib has a business running into millions but can’t eat without first taking a pill for sugar. It is the same with Gujrat’s Inayat Hospital. If you get trapped there, there is no escape. Allah save us from doctors! A friend of mine set up a hospital for the poor and showed me a luxurious room in it and said this is for the rich. I said fleece them when they land here but keep things easy for the poor.

In Madina there was an ironmonger who was a sahabi of the Prophet PBUH just as you all are wahhabi of the Prophet PBUH. But, ironmongers of Gujrat, take it from me that if you do not come to mosque to say your prayers regularly I will come after you with a stick.

Maulana Abdullah Nisar a great Ahle Hadith scholar says that he discovered that a potter claimed to be Rehmani. When asked why a potter should call himself Rehmani, the answer was that he was busy shaping pots just as Rehman was busy shaping human beings.

A man may be born high or low but if he doesn’t say his prayer he is worse than dog and khanzir (pig). If a beggar or a poor man bends to Allah and his forehead is lowered in praise of Allah then, he is better than the rulers of his time.

The hadith I referred to actually exists and you prove it otherwise then my punishment should be like that of a thief. The ironmonger of the times of the Prophet PBUH was at his work plying his big hammer to flatten the pierce of iron he had heated to a red hot state. Then from the minaret he heard the call to Namaz. He threw away his hammer and ran towards the mosque. At the same time Gabriel came down and told the Muslims that the time of Namaz had come to stop all work.

Work is no obstacle to namaz. Anyone who misses namaz because of bazaar, assembly, hospital and the courts misses being a Muslim. What does the Quran say on this subject?

In Sura Munafiqun Allah says: O those who believe your (care for) possessions or your offspring could kill you. Parents often fight with sons who don’t bring in money. But have the parents ever fought with the son over his not saying namaz? We fight for worldly things but do we fight for the cause of Allah?

Satan presents the world as a beautiful place. People build plazas worth crores of rupees. Marriage halls and shopping centres are coming up. In the office there is a chair that revolves. While the azan is going on, the officer is revolving in his revolving chair. Even the sellers of vegetables that sell on bicycles have TV sets at home. This is not TV but TB, the disease.

If you look at them, they look good, their clothes are good and they behave as if they were sons of thanedar (authoritative) but they are bey-namaz (namaz-less). The son of Haji Sahib is bey-namaz., so is the son of the priest. The father is lecturing on religion flailing his arms but his family is bey-namaz. What will happen? You will be at a disadvantage. There will be no blessing in your business. You have turned your face from Allah; and Allah has turned His face away from you. The loss is yours.