Posted in Barelvi, Sectarian on July 11, 2010

Speaker: Maulana Saeed Asad
Place: Jamia Masjid Siddiq Akbar, Faisalabad
Sect: Barelvi
Language: Punjabi
Time: May 2010


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Can there be a more stupid man than the one who while admitting that the Prophet PBUH could given us news of what is ghaib (not present) but that he did not have any foreknowledge?

I kept asking the Ahle Hadith scholar Yusuf Rehmani to tell me how could he not believe in the Ilm (knowledge) of ghaib while believing in the transmission of the information from ghaib? He told me that in Arabic the root i-l-m (ilm) is different from the root of kh-b-r (khabr) and quoted the Bukhari Sharif collection of hadith to say that knowledge will be before communication and knowledge will also precede action.

You might say that I have spoken because I had knowledge before communication. Some of you might even say that you are communicating but you have no knowledge of ghaib. The Wahhabis continue to tell people that where there is a Wahhabi there is no aql (reason).

Let us ask the Quran as to who communicates. In the first of 30 sections, Allah tells his angels that He was about to create Man who would be his representative. The angels said don’t do this because Man will engage in conflict, and his generations will create anarchy. But Allah went ahead and created Man and gave him the names of all things. After that He turned to the angels and said tell me what you know about all the things named by Adam. The angels said we have no information because you did not give us the knowledge of these things. Then He turned to Adam and asked him the same question, Adam at once repeated the names he had been taught.

This proves that information can only be passed about things whose knowledge you already possess.

Now let us turn to Bukhari Sharif. The Prophet PBUH never said he had no knowledge. He had in fact said I swear by Allah I have knowledge that my wife Hazrat Ayesha is pure. He PBUH swore that his wife was virtuous. What is this if not fore-knowledge? This can only be disproved if another hadith says that the Prophet PBUH was actually lying. Can anyone say that Bukhari Sharif is wrong?

This is human wisdom. But a man can pay attention to one thing at a time and cannot be attentive to a number of things at the same time without going wrong. Hence, his attention is more focused on one thing than all the things demanding his attention.

Did the Prophet PBUH tell Hazrat Ayesha to go out? No he did not. She went out of the house because she was ill. At that time the Prophet PBUH was busy outdoors. Does this prove that the Prophet did not have knowledge?

The Ahle Hadith say Hazrat Ayesha once said to the Prophet PBUH that she had lost her necklace. The Prophet PBUH asked the Companions to go look for it. The Companions started searching. This is the Ahle Hadith or Wahhabi reasoning. Had the Prophet known where the necklace was, he would not have asked the Companions to look for it.

Read Sura Yusuf and you will know when Hazrat Yusuf disclosed himself to his brother Benjamin he replied he was not going to leave him. He was told that he might face accusations of theft. But Benjamin said I will suffer ten sentences for theft but will not leave you. When the caravan was about to leave, Yusuf put his cup in the baggage of Benjamin. As soon as the caravan started Yusuf shouted that his cup had been stolen. The caravan was searched and the cup found on Benjamin’s camel. It was then announced that according to the local law anyone found with stolen goods on him is not allowed to leave; therefore Benjamin was prevented from leaving his younger brother Yusuf.

Our Wahhabi brothers are wrong in saying that the Prophet PBUH did not have foreknowledge, but they don’t know that the Prophet PBUH could see much farther than the Wahhabis.