Posted in Sectarian, Shi'ites on July 6, 2010

Speaker: Maulana Zaigham Abbas Alvi
Location: Jafaria Masjid Rahowali, Gujranwala
Sect: Shia
Language: Punjabi
Time: April 2010


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The Prophet PBUH made a stage and took Ali by the arm and raised Ali on it and said those who take me as their leader, Ali too is their leader (wali). After that the Quran said in its latest wahi (message) that the faith of Islam is now complete. When was the faith completed? The day Ali was made wali (inheritor).

We are lucky that Allah saved us. The verse of the Quran saying this has alif and laam before it. Alif is for proper noun, meaning that yom (day) was a specific day. Had Allah not said Al-Yom and had he just said yom, we would have been sunk. The mullahs would have made our lives hell. They would have said, do you know when the faith was completed? The day Abu Bakr had said the kalima and embraced Islam. Others would have said the faith was completed when Umar had beaten up his sister. Yet others would have said the faith was completed the day Ayesha was married.

No, let me tell you when the faith was made complete. I swear that the faith was completed the day the Prophet PBUH nominated Ali as his Wali. Without his walayat the faith could not be complete. I will go as far as to say that without his walayat not even the Oneness Allah is complete, not even Prophethood.

I will ask the man with the evil face (opponent cleric) how can you claim that the faith is complete any other way?

I am a Jat by caste and take three hours to warm up. Once the mullah asked me you Shias have done something wrong by changing the kalima and inserting a phrase in it. Why have you added ‘Ali is Wali’ in it?

I told him let me tell you how this came about. You don’t know the way the Quran was descended on to the Prophet PBUH. It took 23 years for it to come down. It has 6666 verses. It has 144 suras. Out of these years 13 years the Quran came down in Makka. The rest came down in Madina. When the Prophet PBUH was in Makka there were mushrik people there; when he came to Madina there were non-Muslims in it. But when he came to Ghadir-Khum there were no hypocrites and kafirs there. Here the words Ali is Wali came down.

I urge you not to become upset when the reference to Ali is made. We are followers of Ali with sound reason. The Prophet PBUH has told us where the mainspring of Knowledge is. He said if reference to Ali makes people happy then all is well but if people become upset then there is something deeply wrong.