Posted in Ahl-e-Hadith, Sectarian on July 3, 2010

Speaker: Maulana Afzal Qadri
Location: Sargodha Road Masjid, Sathiala, Faisalabad
Sect: Ahle Hadith
Language: Urdu and Punjabi Mixture
Time: April 2010


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I Afzal Qadri was Qadri because I followed Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani. Who am I attached to as Qadri? Now I am attached to the only Qadir (Allah) and therefore I am the right Qadri now.

A gathering of Wahhabis is before me today. I ask have you been stoned or beaten up with a stick? If you have not been maltreated it is because you have not invited the people to the true faith. If you don’t get your teeth broken in the cause of spreading Islam how will you follow the way of the Prophet PBUH?

If you call yourselves Wahhabi without following the way of the Prophet, how can you be accepted as Wahhabi?

On the Last Day the Barelvis of Faisalabad will hold you responsible for not showing them the way. When I was not told the way how could I have become a Wahhabi? The Wahhabi will be going in the direction of Paradise on the Last Day but the Barelvi will catch him from behind and ask why he was not shown the way. Therefore promise me today that we will devote 24 hours of our daily life to the dawa or invitation to True Faith.

I have a lot of stories of the Barelvi sect. There is no reference to source but that does not matter. The narrator will start by saying I was going through a jungle. The trick here is that if you are in a jungle there is no witness and no reference to any source. Then the narrator says he heard a voice in the jungle. Again there is no source or reference. There are many narratives from Ghoray Shah and Khotay Shah (Barelvi mystical site in Lahore; Khotay or Donkey is added by way of insult) and there is Waris Shah to fall back on. If you can’t get Waris Shah, take the myth of Saiful Maluk and read it all night. But I am not talking of stories but of thought and sustenance.

I have been punished but I have taken the beating because out of it has come the Mercy of Allah. The Right Path has caused me pain and now I have to be protected against attack wherever I go. I ask you for protection but I don’t ask for the petrol I have spent driving to this gathering. I don’t say that you don’t pay the petrol expense to the clerics. The clerics are good people and you must serve them because they have devoted their lives to dawa.

The Barelvi tradition is to address the Prophet as if he was alive. Then the Hazrat Ali of the Barelvis Ahmad Raza Khan Barelvi says that those who bring news of ghaib (not visible) are prophets. My argument is that if a Zinda Pir (saint) is sleeping you can go and whisper near him and he will not know what you have said. Carry out this test. If the saint answers to what you have whispered and if you get an answer from a dead saint to your questions, then come to me and I will become a Barelvi again.

No saint can speak from beyond Life and no saint can speak from his grave, the grave you as Barelvi build up as a mausoleum to start a cult. People will come there and actually worship the mazar. They will say Allah doesn’t listen to us so we come here and the saint from under the mazar will put in a word for us.

I have been to mazars and seen many tombs like Data Darbar, Golra Sharif and Barri Imam, and know what the Barelvis do but I will tell you about the belief of the Ahle Hadith or Wahhabis. I went to these tombs and did chilla (special painful rites) but got nothing out of them.

Then I turned to the true faith and became Ahle Hadith, Allah has been kind to me. After five days of my own conversion I converted my daughters as well, and this time Allah was so kind to be he got me the deedar (meeting) with the Holy Prophet PBUH.