Posted in Shi'ites on July 3, 2010

Speaker: Maulana Bakhtiar ul Hasan
Location: Qadimi Imam Bargah Muzaffarpur, Sialkot
Sect: Shia
Language: Urdu
Time: April 2010


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Remember, if you keep the Holy Quran in your home but don’t bring to it an allegiance to the Family of the Prophet PBUH, the Book will give you no benefit.

Hadith says I am leaving behind two things for you. One is the Quran and the other is the tradition of the House of the Prophet PBUH. If you hold on to these two things you will never be misled. This doesn’t mean that you hold the Quran in one hand and extend the other to the Family of the Prophet PBUH. You have to hold onto to the Family and the Quran both at the same time because Allah says that the two cannot be separated.

Sahifa Sajjadiya (Book of Imam Zainul Abedin) is often recommended for every home – that all homes must have it – because the Imam had himself got it written. Imam Baqir and Imam Jafar Sadiq who were then children used to sit around while it being penned. The rest of the family of Imam Zain also used to sit around. So much so that even Imam Zaid was present. Why was Imam Zain interested in dictating the book? It is full of the secrets of getting closer to Allah and full of prayers that can solve your problems. That is why the book was written and therefore that is why Sahifa Sajjadiya should be in every household.

Allah says Muhammad PBUH is nothing but that he is the Messenger of Allah. The gatherings we arrange are devoted to make this message permanent, but Allah says in Sura Ale Imran that if the Prophet PBUH gets killed you (the Muslim) will turn your on heels and leave him. If you don’t believe me then note that in the battlefield of Uhud the Satan raised his voice and said that the Prophet PBUH had been killed. Look up the history books and you will find that all ran away from Uhud except Ali.

I will narrate further: When the daughter of the Prophet PBUH got to know that Satan had announced at Uhud that the Prophet PBUH had been killed two groups appeared, one of those who said now that the prophet has been killed it is no use our staying. The other said now that he is no more there is no use our living. When the Prophet PBUH awoke from his swoon he said to Ali: ‘Where is everyone’. Ali replied, ‘All have left’. He said ‘O Ali, why didn’t you leave?’ He answered, ‘Could I have embraced un-belief, after having accepted faith?’

When Fatima in Madina heard the voice of Satan she began to walk towards Uhud and she was asked why have you come when everybody else has gone? Her reply was, ‘Because I am the inheritor (waris)’. Someone has to be the waris of the Family of the Prophet PBUH. That is why we the Shia followed Imam Hussain to Karbala, that is why the Shia kept the memory of the Family alive through processions and majlis. We are the ones who will be left when the others have walked away.