Posted in Shi'ites on June 20, 2010

Speaker: Zakir Syed Asad Abbas
Location: Imam Bargah Ghazi Abbas Alamdar, Hafizabad
Sect: Shia
Language: Punjabi
Time: April 2010


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It is most important to realise that whoever dies without the guidance of an Imam – this is what 70 thousand ulema say – his death will be in the state of kufr (heathendom). His namaz and fasting will be rejected. The first principle of faith is the connection with Imam-e-Zamana, the leader of the present time.

What use is prayer if you don’t know the Heir (Waris)? Hence the first duty is to know the Imam and the second duty is to wait (intizar). Allama Majlisi in Bahar-ul-Anwar says that a man indifferent to the Imam should not be buried in a Muslim graveyard. He is out of the pale of Islam.

If someone wants to avoid jahalat (dark ages) and wants to become Arif (knower) he is merely to go through with one action. I am telling you this but it was the duty of the clerics to tell you this instead of intimidating you with their lectures. Has any cleric ever told you that if the connection with the Imam is not made all is in vain?

Has a cleric ever told you that making connection with the Imam is essential? I am from the community of zakirs (men of discourse) who are without authority. Most Zakirs boast of their great lineage and present themselves as great men, but it would be fair on your part to ask: what is the use of you taking Rs 30 thousand for lecturing us?

You are used to listening to the art of zakirs. But if someone says something new you become angry. The man who wants to become connected with the Imam must first learn the art of subjugation to him. I swear by the Flag of Abbas, the man who learns ‘self-subjugation’ becomes the Complete Man of Knowledge. In am going to say something bold in Hafizabad. I swear by the chadar of Batool – and this sentence is heavier than the weight of entire Heaven – the Complete Man is able to control the act of ‘Kun’ (make things happen).

You have become perturbed at the words of Zakir Pir (Myself) but the world is so without courtesy that it doesn’t believe that Ali can make anything happen (kun). I say that the man who is connected to Ali is also capable of kun (creation). I swear by Abbas the Carrier of the Flag that Ali is not only capable of kun but his the creator of kun itself.

O People of Hafizabad! If the dogs bay at the sight of the full moon it doesn’t mean that the moon will be diminished in its light. So if the dogs of the world bark at Ali his glory is not diminished. Ali is not of the Heaven; he is the creator of Heaven.

Many say Ali was just like us and he prayed and fasted, but I swear by the Chadar of Batool that Ali is the Lord of those who dwell on earth and those who dwell on Heaven. Ali is the creator of Heaven and the creator of kun. Ali is not the son of man but he is Shaper of Man with his own hands.

Allah is Bari (redeemer) and Khaliq (Creator). Khaliq is the one who makes something from given material; Bari is the one who wills the creation of 14 Infallible Ones. I have a book of Khomeini Sahib in my car named Parwaz dar Malakoot (flight into the Ethereal).I swear by the Flag of Abbas that Allah made only 14 imams. We say that Ali can raise from the dead. When Ali bestows Heaven, the mullah is outraged. But may death visit such mullahs. They say if Ali made the entire universe then what did Allah make?

I ask the mullah to write on his breast what I am going to say now. Allah bestowed one wonderful act and after that he did nothing like it. I say Allah takes pride over that one act. He said ‘man misli’ (who is like me?) The angels said: what are You saying O Lord, there is no one like You or equal to You. Allah said no one has claimed to be like me but I am taking pride over the fact that I created Ali.