Posted in Shi'ites on June 20, 2010

Speaker: Maulana Sajjad Hussain
Location: Masjid-Imam Bargah Muhiuddinpur, Gujrat
Sect: Shia
Language: Punjabi


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Allah cannot be known through the senses like the touch and the smell. But He has created special people through whom he can be known. And they are the 14 Muhammads or Innocent Ones. He made these 14 the possessor of his powers. These 14 are the repository of his glory. They come to this world not on their own accord but with the intent of Allah. They also die only through the wish of Allah.

The 14 are not dependent for life or death on anyone. They are not dependent on the Angel of Death for their death. They have conquered death and the Angel of Death. East to West, from the underworld to the height of Heaven, Allah has created 18 thousand creatures subservient to the 14.

There is nothing in the Universe which has not been created for the sake of the 14. There are no conditions for believing in these extraordinary 14. One can belong to any creed but there is one condition: the believer should be the legitimate child (hilali) of his parents.

There is a noise everywhere about shirk (joining Allah with anyone else) but today I will tell you the truth about it. What is shirk? It is attributing to someone other than Allah the works of Allah. Asking someone other than Allah for rizq (sustenance) is shirk. Asking someone else for offspring is shirk.

But if Allah himself shares his powers with someone then it is not shirk. Allah has made the 14 the possessors of his powers. So whatever is within the power of Allah is also within the power of the 14. He has made their character his own character, their being is His own Being. Allah created us human beings so that we could worship him. The entire Creation prays for Allah. This is what the Quran says.

Whoever is enemy of Allah is Mushrik (joiner of the other with Allah), whoever is the enemy of the Prophet PBUH is kafir, and whoever is the enemy of Ali is a hypocrite.

Let’s consider this. Allah made the dog and the khanzir (pig). The dog prays to Allah and says I am grateful to You that I am dog not pig. And Khanzir prays to Allah and says I am grateful that You made me pig bit not a hypocrite. And now look into the womb of history and tell who is worse than a dog and who is worse than a pig?