Posted in Barelvi, Media, Modernity, Morality, Science, Sectarian, Women on May 20, 2010

Speaker:  Maulana Abdul Hameed Chishti

Location : Masjid Allahwali Multan

Sect: Barelvi

Language: Punjabi with Rohtaki Accent


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Scientists have estimated that the electricity we consume in Pakistan is one and a half tola (less than an ounce); the electricity that Allah sends us for our crops and our bodies is 480 maunds. Think how you will pay for the electricity of Allah if you can’t pay your bills of one a half tola you are using now!

O, avoider of Namaz your funeral is forbidden! O, Forsaker of Namaz your body can’t be buried in a Muslim graveyard. Great poet Sultan of the Pious, Sultan Bahu says that the man who doesn’t say Namaz is worse than Khanzir (pig).

I am quoting a hadith which is from the Abu Muslim collection and I know the names of all the Muslim warriors who will fight the great battle against Dajjal the anti-Christ, and I know the names of their parents and even the colour of the horses they would be riding.

Ali Qari Muhammad who has done justice with Hadith has told us about the miracle contained in the knowledge of kul (the whole) and juzv (the part) given to Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Someone asked me what is this kul and juzv? Maulana Muhammad Umar Achcharvi had a debate (munazira) with an opposing cleric who claimed that the Prophet PBUH did not have the knowledge of the kul (the whole) to which Achcharvi said: “The Quran says Adam had knowledge of everything (kul); how can it be that Allah should give Adam kul and give his Prophet Muhammad POBUH not even a kulli (small hut)?”

Milk goes bad but purified butter (ghee) doesn’t go bad. Milk has water in it but ghee doesn’t. The bogus clerics are milk and the wali (friends) of Allah are ghee! The mullah can go bad but a wali can’t. Someone said to me, “All clerics are the same: they have beards and you have a beard; they give sermons and you give sermons; they recite the Quran and you recite the Quran. So don’t speak against them because all clerics are right even though their livelihood is their main concern. We stand behind the Quran and don’t care about the mullahs”.

I said to them, “Then there is no quarrel. If your wife knows the Quran by heart say your namaz behind her and if a faithless Mirzai knows his Quran by heart except that he denies one aspect of the Prophet PBUH, will you say your namaz behind him? I know you will not. Why should you pray behind the mullah if he denies the Prophet’s ability of the knowledge of the Whole?”

Now consider this: Eighteen thousand warriors on one side and only eighty two on the other. In the smaller Lashkar of Muslims there were3 great wise men of Islam, recites and prayer-observers of late night. But those whop followed Yazid said their namaz separately not behind Imam Hussain. The Pure Hussain would not pray behind the Yazeedis. Today anyone who calls Imam Hussain a rebel or traitor he would be Yazeedis in the eyes of us Hussain people. How can we pray behind them?

Today things have changed. There was a time when accosting a girl led to fights, today girls get cell phones costing Rs 20,000 and the girls are in their bed talking secretly on the cell phone and no one minds. The mother thinks the girl is asleep but she is in fact in bed talking to her lover. This is no laughb9ing matter. Mufti Sahib has told me another tale. A boy was pressing his mother’s feet and saying that he had started talking ton a girl and if she did not marry him with her he would throw himself in front of a bus and kill himself. I say, give this boy more mobiles to facilitate his talking to girls.

I am not saying snatch the cell phones; I am only saying please keep an eye on your girls. Sacred hadith says don’t spare the stick on your children. But what is our conduct? Today when the TV drama starts the son runs to his father saying come and see it before it starts. Plague on such a son. He should have instead said the azan is coming from the mosque, let’s go there!

Today the dress is the limit. On weddings video-wallahs carry their cameras around while the women paint themselves to be ready to be filmed like actresses. And the boys wear pants. I have not find out how they get into these pants.

There was a gathering to which I was invited. A guest came up and gave me a note saying he had been married 20 years but his in-laws present there refused to let his wife go with him. Then another note came which said last the maulvi had caused the rain to fall, can you repeat the miracle? I was trapped. But I said I will come off stage only after this rain has started. But first you will have to let the bride go with the bridegroom. They did not let the bride go and I was freed from the pledge to cause rain.

If the medicine is bitter one has to mix it with sugar. The scourge is so blatant that the kanjris (prostitutes) on TV say that Allah is kind to them because they are dancing for the last 20 years. I say this is not blessing of Allah but his scourge. I will tell you that today the youths are so used to this that when they listen to a CD they at once know which prostitute is singing. They also know which year the prostitute sang the song on which day she died.

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