Posted in Deobandi, Governance on June 15, 2010

Speaker: Maulana Ataur Rehman

Location: Jamia Masjid, Shah Dewal, Gujrat

Sect: Deobandi

Time April 2010


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The Prophet PBUH said that there are seven people whom Allah will take into the shaded shelter on the Day of Judgment. The earth will be like heated bronze, and the Sun so close it will look like it was descending on one’s house. Other prophets too use the same words of description. Everyone for himself!

There will be some who will sweat with embarrassment on having their sins revealed to them. But rest will come only to those who have performed the task of leading the people whether at home or outside, whether in the battle or in the city, etc. Such a person is called imam. What should be the qualities of an imam?

I will give you an example. A farmer bought a piece of land but when he ploughed it he discovered a buried treasure there. The farmer took the treasure and went to the man he had bought the land from. He said I had bought a piece of land from you but not this millions worth of gold, therefore, you must take this gold as it belongs to you. The seller said I sold the land and whatever was in it; therefore this gold too belongs to you.

After this argumentation could not end they approached the ruler of the area. Had the ruler been of our times he would have said leave the gold here and go home, after which he would transferred the gold to a bank account in Switzerland, meaning that you are not deserving of using this gold but the Swiss people are!

Those who lived in the times of General Ayub will recall that gold was discovered and laid in water but when gold was taken out of water it had turned to iron!

But going back to the dispute of two people which is mentioned in hadith, the just ruler told asked the two if they had offspring. One had a son and the other a daughter. The just ruler ordered they marry the two off and give the gold in dowry to both.

One a just imam became caliph and found that most land was unfairly grabbed by people, so he ordered that all land unfairly acquired should be confiscated. The people became unhappy and thought about getting rid of the just caliph. They soon found out that he listened only to his aunt and to no one else. They went to the aunt and said your nephew has confiscated all the lands that an earlier ruler had given us. Please tell him to return the lands given to us by his predecessor.

The aunt told the ruler to have mercy on his people ‘who have been pauperised by your confiscation’. The just ruler gave no answer but asked for a piece of meat and put a piece of iron into on fire. When the iron became red hot he put the piece of meat on it. It started sizzling and giving off smell. He then turned to his aunt and said do you want me to burn in Hell like this? The Aunt said no she would not want that.

The just ruler said whatever I have done is according to the word of Allah. I have done justice. Whatever the Umayyads had looted I have confiscated for the state. This just ruler was Hazrat Umar Bin Abdul Aziz. The imam of this kind will be in the shaded shelter of Allah on the Day of Judgement when everything will burn. This Caliph wandered the streets of Madina to see that no one suffered under him.