Posted in Barelvi, Morality, Women on June 15, 2010

Speaker: Maulana Ashraf Asif
Location: Jamia Masjid Hilan, District Mandi Bahauddin
Sect: Barelvi
Language: Urdu
Time: April 2010


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The Prophet PBUH says in a hadith that a man who protects his eye against sinful (haram) indulgence will be given houris to enjoy in the Hereafter. And the peeping tom who glances into others’ houses from the rooftop will be raised in the Hereafter as a blind person. And the person who stops the ogler from his sinful pastime will also be married to the Houris in Heaven.

And if you keep your eyes of clean vision and do it for the sake of getting Houris there is no harm in it. But those are superior who observe modesty of vision simply because they want to please Allah.

If the eyes have a discipline, the ears too have one. If you are not allowed to freely see someone (like a stranger woman) you are also not allowed to hear her voice. Unless of course you are a doctor or a cleric and the woman has come to seek advice in which case a very restricted freedom is allowed to ears.

These are laws not made in parliament but made in Heaven by Allah. If you are not allowed to hear the voice of a na-mehram (stranger) woman you are also barred from listening to her voice on the phone.

The Prophet POBUH has made it clear that all senses have their own way of sinning which is a kind of zina (fornication). Any kind of pleasure which is against the Shariat is zina. There is the zina of the eyes, of the ears and the tongue.

The identity of the true believer (momin) is that he observes the morality of the senses. He keeps himself and his senses clean. But today times have changed and the youths have no access to good company. And that which is crime in Shariat is not considered a crime. The idea of sin has also changed. Today English dominates the mind and the youth has wandered with the help of English style.

There is a difference between a dog and a Muslim. The dog will go wherever he wants to and will eat and drink whatever pleases him but a momin is not supposed to be like a dog.

Let me tell you the modesty of the eyes is not only that a man should avoid looking at a na-mehram woman, there are other sounds that he must not allow his ears to hear, like the music of a wind-instrument, the raising of the weeping voice of protest, if raised collectively.

Qasim bin Muhammad once asked someone if listening to songs and musical instruments was permitted. The answer was in the form of a question: tell me where will the songs and musical instruments be on the Day of Judgement, Hell of Paradise? The answer came: in Hell. In that case give your self the fatwa that song and music is haram.

The only thing good for the eyes and ears is that which is allowed by Islam, listening to the Quran being recited, listening to the praise of the Prophet PBUH being sung, etc.