Posted in Ahl-e-Hadith, America, Jihad, Politics on June 15, 2010

Speaker: Maulana Manzur Ahmad
Location: Jamia Masjid Ahle Hadith Sheikhupura
Sect: Ahle Hadith
Language: Punjabi


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People love each other because if they have some trait which is in common. If I am from Sheikhupura and you too are from the same city, if I am a Jat and you too are Jat, if you and I are both Butt, then we will like each other.

Zardari tells George Bush, ‘I like you because you are a liar and I too am a liar’. People, what about our love for each other? How will our love succeed?

Our love is for Allah; but what is Zardari but a thief (chor—uchaka) a sickness (bimari), an enemy of the Maulvi and a friend of George Bush? May Allah get us rid of this man. Amen.

I want to say more. The sea of people in front of me including leaders and youth force will become the sword of late Allama Ehsan Elahi Zaheer and an assault of Habibur Rehman Yazdani and spread out into the streets all over the country and will say, ‘Zardari! Hear this. By the grace of Allah the Wahhabis will protect Pakistan and protect Islam’.

But Zardari says I will look after widows and orphans. I say, Shut Up Zardari! How dare you! (Teri aisi ki taisi). How can Zardari look after widows and orphans when he has not been able to look after his wife? He wants to become Uncle of the nation (mama).

O killer of wife! Caster of the lustful gaze at other’s wives! May curse be upon you (lanat), O genuine illegitimate child (harami). Come and listen! Our love is for Allah, our anger if for Allah and our challenge is on behalf of Allah. One day we will bring you down!

One day a man told me that I should speak with some caution because my speeches have been recorded and sent to Zardari who has heard them. I answered if there was any science involved in making speeches. Was I ever that sort (cautious) of speaker?

Listen to me. I declare that East or West, at the Regal Chowk of Lahore or elsewhere, our grand gatherings are of those who fear only Allah and his Prophet PBUH. Let Zardari and his supporters take this to heart that anyone who thinks negatively about Pakistan we will blow him up. And anyone who speaks against the Prophet PBUH we will crush him. The Wahhabi will press down kufr (non-belief) and hold aloft the flag of Unity of Allah.

Of Friends! The invitation to hadith is an invitation to Unity. The Prophet PBUH said I am leaving behind two things for you: the Book of Allah and the Way of the Prophet PBUH. As long as you hold on to these two things no one can bring you harm. The Prophet PBHUH said anyone who loves my way (sunnat) loves me and anyone who loves me will accompany me to Paradise.

Great scholar of Islam of the Ahle Hadith Hafiz Muhammad Abdullah Sheikhupuri used to address mammoth crowds and say there can be no consensus on the Hanafis and no consensus on the Malikis but there was only one consensus that was possible among Muslims and that was the embracing of the Quran and the Way of the Holy Prophet PBUH. And that would be possible if you don’t spread division and schism.