Posted in Barelvi, Hijab/Veil, Women on May 29, 2010

Speaker: Maulana Muhammad Jafar

Location: Masjid Anwar Madina Talamba Khanewal

Sect: Barelvi

Language: Seraiki

Time: March 2010


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O Believers of Allah and the Prophet PBUH, listen to this story from Gilgit, and if you don’t believe me go to Gilgit and ask the people if this did not happen. The incident was that a man was passing by a graveyard when he heard a voice from inside a grave saying please take me out I am alive.

People went to the local Maulvi and he said that no one living could be buried in a grave and gathered a group and went to the graveyard and began digging it up. After the grave was opened they found a woman who was completely naked. She arose and said after you have removed the dust please bring mew clothes to hide my nakedness.

The clothes were brought and she put them on but after doing so ran away from the crowd and locked herself into her house. When people called she would not open the door. Finally she said only the strongest among you should enter. Then a few strong men entered but what they saw was horrendous. The woman had no hair on her head.

They asked why was her skull without hair? She replied that when she was living normally she would go out of the house with her hair open. Allah punished her for this and when she was in her grave the angels came and began to uproot her hair one by one with their hands so that even the skin came off.

Then the people asked her to show her face. But when she opened her face the men fell down in a swoon. The upper jaw was there but there was no lower jaw. All the teeth were showing but there was no lower jaw and no lips. Think if we had lost out lower jaw would our family come near us?

People asked how did this happen? She replied that when she was normal she applied lipstick to her lips to look beautiful. When my lips were being cut off a voice said we had not made you so ugly that you had to show your painted lips in the market. Now this is your punishment.

When the people of Gilgit and Naran heard this they started crying, which is good because Allah says when you see something like this it is right to cry. If you hear the Quran being recited you can cry as that inclines Allah to forgive your mistakes and sins.

O women, Allah made you beautiful but you have taken to putting powder on tour face and made yourself ugly. How can Allah like this? When you cook and someone mixes too little salt in it would you like it? Allah too doesn’t want you to spoil the gift of beauty he has given you. If you abide by His rules he will build a palace for you in Paradise.