Posted in Ahl-e-Hadith, Governance, Media, Modernity, Morality on May 29, 2010

Speaker: Hafiz Muhammad Binyamin Abid

Location: Jamia Masjid Ahle Hadith Khanewal City

Sect: Ahl-e-Hadith

Language: Punjabi

Time: April 2010-05-05


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Allah says don’t even go near Zina (fornication) but that doesn’t mean that if someone is doing it you should not go near him. What is meant is that this curse of the Cable TV and other things that suggest Zina should be avoided. The Zina is in your home. Allah says He comes down to the First Heaven at tahajjud (dawn prayer) but that is the time when your Cable also starts its gandh (dirt) or suggestion of Zina.

Allah in His Heaven says come to me so that I may forgive you your sins, but you are at that time sitting and watching dance. Our Prophet PBUH said when my umma (nation) becomes shameless it will start suffering from weakness and diseases such as blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack, and cancer.

When shamelessness prevails then Zina comes to the fore and when Zina becomes common the human body succumbs to disease. You commit sin and Allah has punished you for it.

The Prophet PUBUH says more: My umma will become dishonest in measures near the Last Day. People will give less but be paid for more. Goods will sell in various adulterated brands, numbering one and two and three. If you go the market you won’t get even poison in pure form.

The Prophet PBUH said that near Last Day people will have untold wealth and will not pay Zakat because a person who doesn’t know how much he has cannot pay Zakat. Then the rains will stop in the skies. There will be rain out of season. The Prophet PBUH also said that people will not obey either Allah or the Prophet PBUH. They will abandon the guidance of the Quran and the Hadith.

Those present here may be offended but please tell me if you obey the hadith of the Prophet PBUH. He said keep your beard but how many of you keep it? They say there is no need to keep the beard. The Prophet PBUH said don’t listen to songs and don’t see dances. Our answer is that if we don’t listen to songs we cannot survive. He said don’t drink wine and our answer is if we don’t drink wine the pain of our hearts doesn’t go away.

The Prophet PBUH said don’t do business with Riba (usury or bank interest) but here everyone big and small borrows money on interest. The big landlord and the small farmer all go to the bank and involve themselves with Riba. Think: are you following the Prophets of Allah?

The Prophet PBUH said doing business on the basis of Riba is tantamount to making war against Allah. And you say the country can’t run without interest. The Prophet PBUH said that working on the basis of Riba is like doing Zina with one’s mother. This is the hadith which we have abandoned.

The Prophet PBUH said near the Last Day people will know the Quran and Hadith but will not act on them. It is for such soiled people that the Day of Judgement will be inflicted. People who take the easy advice but ignore the divine laws are the soiled people and will be punished through the imposition of foreign masters.

The infliction of scourge will be on those whose sons are ignorant of the Quran and Sunna but know the dance of each Indian prostitute (kanjri). They know the name of each dirty film. It is on these that foreign masters will be imposed. The real scourge is that the house is yours but the literature lying inside is not yours. The law of your country is not Allah’s but that which the English gave you. It is a scourge from Allah that all your laws are American. Show me a single law that is yours. This is because you have abandoned Allah and his Prophet PBUH.